Emergence ( tap on photo)

You are emerging from this illusion that formed you on the outside and those tortured ideas which conformed you within are falling away
You are being freed from the chains of images of the past
Let the pain go!
All the voices that accused you and drove you into chaos ……
Where are they now?
You are becoming aware that you are in your perfect moment and the struggle to make yourself something different is gone!
You are enough!
You are perfect!
You will not miss your purpose!
There is no one else that can do what you came to do!
Be you! Everything else will fall into place!
The constriction of knowing that living is not work but an adventure Has freed your from the fear of the future
You are breaking the mold and can never return!
Your vision is becoming so that you see not just the problems any longer
You see the solutions ….even more, how to change anything by making it better is powerful
Emerging from the guilt of not being driven enough,
Being good enough,
Having enough!
The whiner is gone
The wanter has left
The needy has been evicted
The victim has disappeared
The struggle of breaking free is over
You are emerging from expectation
You are the miracle
You have arrived!
Breathe ….. it’s already been done!
Let go of the fight! Stop!
The illusion that you must do something to change is gone!
You now see that your thoughts are the tools of change and those thoughts have changed now
Release yourself into the Light
Listen to your soul
You are emerging into your Divine inheritance
the Divine emancipation has taken place
You are a new creature
Rise up!
The world is waiting for you!

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