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Mary Mary How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is the power of pain that discovers healing

It is the tears that discover the power of joy

It is loneliness that discovers love

It is the sun that discovers the moon

It is the darkness that discovers the light

It is the winter that discovers spring

It is life that discovers death

We are just here experiencing the power of discovery!

Life is a journey to discover who you are.

You are not this body

You are not your things

You are not your status

You are not your pain

You are not your family

You are not what can be seen

You are not what can be felt

All these things will pass away!

Don’t get to the end of this journey to discover that you were misled

All that glitters is not gold

All the experiences you have encountered or endured are meant to teach you how to cultivate love even in the harshest winters!

If you can learn how to cultivate love using the painful experiences of your life …… You will see the miraculous power of transforming pain into beauty!

It is in the darkness of our garden, deep in the soul of our soil we discover the golden rule of who we truly are!

“Mary Mary How does your garden grow? “

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