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The Abandoned Soul

We all may ask ourselves “ How do I truly heal those deep hidden wounds?” And we may ask ourselves,” How can I go back and change the past, if I could?”

And we may ask ourselves,” Who am I truly if, I could remove all the memories that haunt me?”

If we had the chance, ONE opportunity of truly finding the answers we so desperately needed, if we could have a moment in time that could of helped us avoid all the pain of our lives and if we could change our “ selves” now and retrieve back our genuine authenticate truth and unscathed innocence in order that we could see life through a child’s eyes again, what could we do? Who would we be? Surely this is not at all possible, is it? What’s done is done! Right?

But, if our soul is eternal and does not age according to what we call “ time” but, experience maybe it could be possible to reconnect ourselves together again.

We could be whole again! Who would we be if we could? How would we change? In some ways it would almost be considered drinking from the fountain of our souls youth.

There is an abandoned wounded infant crying at the door to your heart. Hear the baby crying? Open the door! Look down see into that innocent child’s eyes that stare back at you so helplessly.

That infant is you, there you are laying wrapped in a blanket waiting for love, waiting for security and looking at you for willingness? Will you take the baby in? Will you hold yourself every so gently? Allow the child to suckle from your heart? Staring into each other’s eyes the magic begins and your soul connects! You can once again hear your soul from the eyes of your infant self and you begin to talk to each other with unspoken words. One looks into the future and yet, the same One looks into the past all at once. Each looking for answers to their questions. What do you say to the infant of your soul now that you know – what you know now? Can you change the past by healing the soul of your “ self” in a place where time is not a factor. Can your child soul give back to you your innocence, your dreams, your faith and the love you had before you ever were wounded? Take the time to tell your “ self” all the beautiful moments and things about life you love and then listen as your child’s soul reminds you of what you use to love, as well.

Putting the pieces back together in your puzzle of life, deep within your soul in order to heal, retrieve and connect yourself again is in your hands. We live our lives constantly looking at a puzzle that is not finished trying to find the pieces. Yet, while only “ time” can provide the pieces we need to complete this puzzle we must find the lost pieces, as well. It is a frustrated and wounded soul that continues to attempt to finish the puzzle without knowing this. What if you could change some of these pieces in order to change the picture? Could this possible? Life is about perception, not time or even really experience. “ All things are possible!” Step out of your box!

I hear a baby crying at your door what will you do? Will you choose to go on about your life and ignore the crying of your soul? Or will you open the door and retrieve what has been abandoned? The choice is yours – this is your puzzle, your picture and your soul. The opportunity to heal your “ self” is waiting….. Could you? Would you?

Sonya Spellerberg

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