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Parents and Children

Children stop punishing your parents !
Parents stop punishing your children!
To withdraw or withhold ones relationship or love to inflict pain ….
How can this action be healthy of mind?
Let the pain go!
What we learn too late in life is that pain is reproduced through our own offspring and regret cannot be undone.
Why would a parent punish a child who does not do enough, give enough or “be” enough?
Why would a child do the same?
How could this behavior produce any positive result?
Children you may not remember all that your parent suffered , sacrificed and cared for you and the many nights they did not sleep ….
Are you still keeping them awake tonight?
Parents you may not have been aware of all the times your children have given you their hearts in something as a simple drawing, a kiss or hug
Are you still looking for something more?
I have seen so many people suffer because of this deep pain ( parents and children) sometimes from both ends at the same time.
Isn’t the world harsh enough without adding to it?
If there is one sadness in the world that if it was rectified that could change the whole world ….it would be this sadness!
Why do those who are closest to us break our hearts?
Yet, it is when this connection is severed, punished or unrecognized that we will reap what we have sown.
You cannot retrieve back the time that has been lost and there is not enough money to pay the price for this grief
The days grow shorter
Why ?
Will it be worth it?
Will it truly matter?
Pain reproduces itself and we never learn this until it’s too late
Parents love your children
Children love your parents
This disconnection that exists among us that has caused untold amounts of deep quiet grief and torture is an empty well
Is your grudge big enough?
Is it “ strong” enough?
When will we stop expecting, judging and hurting each other?
Why can’t a child learn to love their parent the best that they can?
Why can’t parents do the same?
There is one thing on this earth you cannot forget ….
A parent cannot forget a child and a child cannot forget a parent
We get to decide how we are going to carry this memory through our actions of today.
Is being “ right” more important than being “ happy”?
You may say I don’t care but, if you don’t think you do now , does not mean that you won’t later ?
Stop withholding your love, your kindness and your time.
Stop the cycle!
Children will always grow up remembering some “ wrong” and parents will never forget a child’s “ bad” decision
You cannot forget and each has their own views
There are no perfect parents or perfect children!
Stop punishing each other…
One may say , “ I am not doing anything wrong?”
No response is a response
No action is a reaction
How can something so sacred be so broken?
Love each other
Do what you can to enrich each other’s lives
All it takes is a phone call
A message
A visit
A simple I love ❤️ you
Don’t waste your time
Is your right to be “ right” worth discovering your choice was harmful and wrong?
Using your “ right”, or “ choice” , or even “ perception” to punish each other today could earn painful scars tomorrow !
Tears that cannot be undone –
Showing love takes a lot less energy than punishing someone either by action or inaction
Choose Love!
Parents talk to your children
Children talk to your parents
Don’t be too late!
Pain reproduces itself …….
Just look around and see …. The truth is before you everywhere you turn.

A Parent

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