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Resurrection of a Goddess

Resurrection of a Goddess

I’m 6 months tired

It has been a long horrific journey

Call me a wild crazy woman

Call me untamed, unbridled and unhinged

That lonely woman has gone to sleep and now I have awakened whole

I am ferocious

I am strong in body, unharnessed in Spirit and unraveled of mind

I am pure intention now

Everything I do draws fantastic intention

God remembers me!

Without the lure of intention I have no interest … be gone!

I now longer hear the voices of my scars

Peace has won!

I have been carved from the stones of my painful stories creating jagged cliffs that invite me to soar

I am a force …. I am brutal wisdom !

I am a rage with holy fire within my bones and shackled love consumes me where hate violated my soul

I rise! I burn! I RISE! Flames fall from my whispering songs

I am unfamiliar to the world, I hold the shedding skins of my youthful dreams

I am free now!




I have danced on the worn out masks of illusion grinding them into fine dust

Incapacitated and drunk on the words of my invisible captors

I laugh as their curses fall to the ground like broken chains

I am the key

I am the lock

I see all that belongs to me

It is in me


I honor this sacred transformation

I breath in beauty to receive

With an open heart… can see

Come ! Let me go!

I am the hidden of ancient knowledge and speak a thousand tongues

I am the mystery from the hidden depths of countless seas

I carry within me the birth of Universes

I am the light that dwells in darkness and the darkness cannot understand

The Earth knows my name and calls to me

Come lay with us!

We are One!

I know longer exist in the chaos of shattered vision

I am covered with eyes!

Who can say they know me?

No one!

I am a temple of the unseen Creator

I give birth

I give life

I am the beginning and I am the end

Who can know me?


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