In the beginning our vision is blind to an alternative vision that exists everywhere. All creation whether things of order and disorder are not only synced above but also below teaching far beyond all our ideas, beliefs and reasonings. Behind the veil of our fragile reality and perception is the ability to change what exists if we are willing to let go and free ourselves from what we think, what we have been taught and what we have known. Using the natural states of reality to understand that which is beyond our minds ability to interpret what is not known causes our mind and body great conflict and creates disagreement ending in separateness. This confusion blinds my intuition causing the power of synchronicity and Divine appointments that have become lost through my confusion. The weakening of the spirit causes us to feed and strengthen our wills and egos to separate ourselves from the Divine connectiveness that resides within.
Bringing us back to the beginning of all that is black and white the ultimate separation of life… Day and night / light and dark. We wait for for the colors of truth to be revealed and an eternal reality to unblind us from our infantile vision, beliefs, reasonings, and ideas of truth. Looking through the colors of the Infinite connection of Life we begin to see through our consciousness that we must let go and fall into a living, infinite, supernatural ocean of possibilities. It is in that state of being and acute awareness that we can imagine a a new reality that exists without natural reasoning or laws. Only through great resolve do we let go and lose ourselves to see with Infinite eyes of possibilities. Resist the fear of the unknown! Calling on the power of our wills to overcome our insecurity to urge us to cross the lines of the acceptable reality of blind futility into the unacceptable mystery. To fall through the power of our struggle to the unknown in search of truth and the connection that frees us from the illusion that exists within the lines of life and death. We must choose and embrace the desire and the overwhelming magnetic pull of the Universe. To move into the resonating rhythm and energy of all that is connected to lose myself in the invisible Source of One. Mourning the loss of my self … My ego … My one ness…. Only through the emotions of a carnal reality that never existed. To step aside and watch as the funeral procession passes by and carry away and all that I was or who I use to be. In this dying shadow I am reborn to an awareness, a consciousness that inspires me to fathom with an unending understanding of knowledge where there is no answer to the question but a Source of power that resonates through me in my connectedness giving clarity to my path. My vision changes and all that was ugly, indifferent and undesirable becomes beautiful and I am free to an endless flow of energy to become one with the Helix of Life constantly spiraling creating the metamorphosis of the Divine within. Although lost and connected I experience the unshakable power of the Universe inside and out transforming me. I embrace my connection with complete trust seeking for that which is unknown and taboo throwing my will to the wind of this Divine Power of Infinite connectedness in hope I will travel beyond where mortal feet have not traveled or minds have not wandered. An explorer of a spiral of Energy that continues into a vast space without time. Addicted to the connection I fall into a infinite lunacy of truth without human reason but amazing possibilities …

























Spiritual Metamorphosis


The pain we feel inside our souls or minds which are connected in complexity to millions of the unseen emotions, ideas and desires of our heart like vessels.  This deep pain creates and becomes an inner conflict and a resistance to that which we are experiencing without ourselves ( on the outside).  Internal pain or conflict is created when we resist those circumstances we experience outside of our soul, body and our minds.  We may resist those situations or persons for many reasons; it could be confusion, anger, our unforgiveness and loss of faith.  There are myriads of reasons that could create such a deep inner turmoil inside a soul that would cause it to become so conflicted it begins to lose its faith or eyes to see with.  Our souls were created to have vision and feel to create and be that part of ourselves that paints our lives.  Once one feels so conflicted within they find their soul’s vision has become darkened like a very dirty window it makes them feel lost or without any special reason.  They long to see out but, alas! The harder they look the more conflict arises within.  So what is one to do?

What is the world made of? Is it just particles, molecules, atoms and energy?  Are we here and then gone?  We could ask a million questions and still never be satisfied with the answers or no answers that may lay on the table before us. How do we understand all this?  Many of us just want to be happy! Is that too much to ask for? Unfortunately happiness does not come from the world or anything that it may give to us.  That is only a perception or an emotional feeling that passes again and again.  To find true happiness is only capable if we are to find peace.  How does one create peace within themselves? Some may find this not such a difficult task… while others who are confined to the prison of their inner conflicts cannot reach the climax of an idea of peace left to be only more miserable and confused. 

We long for someone to love and to have someone love us back in such a way that we may feel whole.  But in reality, this is not the truth.  No one can make you whole.  We are the only one who can create wholeness within each one of us.  To depend on anything outside of our being to give us wholeness will only leave us disillusioned as to what wholeness and love is.  Which leads me to ask…? Do we know what LOVE really is? Can we trust our own hearts to decipher this intense passion?  Many times it is an emotion, an infatuation or even a comfortable arrangement of ideas.  So many of us have found us ship wrecked on the rocks of love’s illusion.  We are born to believe that love is someone who cares for us, hears our cry, protects us from the monsters, who feeds us when we are hungry and holds us when we want.  We don’t think about will this person leave us or find someone else.  We are not concerned how much we must do or not do to keep that person with us.  So we are taught from the beginning that love is an unconditional feeling even though, we may learn there are rules or habits to life it does not affect love.

From the time we are born we begin to upload like a computer ideas, beliefs, thoughts and opinions which many are not even our own which after many years create who we are.  But the questions of truth are …. Is this that we really are?  Who we were created to be? Or is this just all the cookies and pages that have been uploaded from others websites… Have we built a website of who we are that doesn’t even look like us?  Who do we look like to God?  It is all about perspective how we see the world and everything around us.  If I took you to a very tall building and I asked you to stand outside and asked you what you could see what would you say?  Then if I walked you all around the building to each side? Then if I took you into the lobby? Or what about the 22nd floor looking out the window? Or just sitting in a chair? What if I took you to the top of that building what would you see?  Every answer to these questions I have presented would be different because of our perspective but they would all pertain to the same building.  If you were that building where are you? What do you see?  I have spent years alone trying to release myself from all the uploads of life and I have experienced every human emotion I think one could but, who is the real me? I am the one who is alone, the one who understands that I have come into this world alone and I will leave alone.  This is my path, my journey and the decisions I make affect my life the most either negatively or positively.  I don’t belong to anyone… I must possess my own soul and heart or I will lose the reflection that is needed to see without and within myself clearly.  I guess the fight is to find peace with this feeling of aloneness which at times I perceive as loneliness when I look at the illusion.  How do I find my wholeness in my oneness?  So many questions…. And yet still so many answers to find.  Like a spiritual explorer I set out to find new land, new places to experience seeking the answers that my soul searches for because I know they are there.  Don’t you wish we all had a light switch we could just switch over to peaceful oneness whenever we don’t want to feel the negative effects of life? I believe that our lives should have a purpose and not the purpose that was created by this world but the purpose we were born with.  I think it is of great importance that we recognize this purpose, this calling of our soul.  Otherwise we will always feel the conflict within.  Many of us have found our purpose but have not accepted it because the windows of our souls are so dirty that we have no idea what is outside.  So we carry on feeling like we are conflicted with that number one question of life “Why am I here?”   I have found there is two things that concern me deeply one… Is when I die if I have that moment of time to reflect on my life that I should be left asking – why I was here? Or to feel regret for the things I should have done or said.  These two things I have found to be incomprehensible.

Who are you? What is it that your soul reflects from this vast Universe that is alive and conducts itself accordingly, continually expanding?  Every star has its purpose, every piece of sand and every bird in the sky or the beast of the field.  Can we expand our minds to realize that to find oneness we must connect to everything?  It would seem that the greatest truths are such contradictions.  Even Jesus would say such contradictory comments an example would be when your poor your rich and when your rich your poor (obviously my version).  How do we break the chains of these conflicts and fly and realize the magnificence of life as an ever moving and changing power like a mighty river of energy.  Who would not want to jump into such a wonderful river? Yet it has been said by sages we are but a drop of water in a large ocean connected without an outline of ending or beginning. 

This spiritual metamorphosis of mind, soul and body to be born into a world small and seemingly insignificant to find ourselves alone in the midst of millions to the point we are faced with such inner conflict that we struggle to break free from this loneliness. Oh just to be a caterpillar again? Humorous!  Not understanding that this internal intense struggle within to what we have been surrounded with is that which creates the metamorphosis and brings forth the wings we attain to fly and see our world from a completely different perspective and experience this new life as the same soul but not as the same creature.  It is time for many of us to make this transition of spiritual metamorphosis, haven’t you felt the internal struggle the intense conflict, the aloneness, loneliness at times?  Realizing that this is not all there is and willing to delete the uploads and begin with the reflection that is left on the monitor of our souls.  Angels wish to have wings as beautiful as ours…. They can see us and wonder why we are so blind to what they see.  Confused in such a way not to understand why someone who God gave such amazingly beautiful wings each different like our very own fingerprints and we still slither along in our world.  We must allow ourselves to play again, to think like children in some ways or we will never believe in butterfly wings.  We were not created just to slither along and live our lives and create our world on such common earthy erosions of illusions. Are you feeling stuck? That aloneness that I speak of is it constant?  Maybe it’s your time to wake up from what is “earthly” or “let go” of that cocoon of old ideas and beliefs to break free from it’s painful comfortability and see the ever expansive picture.  Surprise the angels and spread those wings and fly ~~~~~~~~~~~ reach for new places spiritually.  If you have ever noticed a butterfly flits along not even noticing if the breeze is blowing or not.  Just exploring one place and then flitting to another.  It your time to get out of the cocoon and fly!  Reach outside yourself and soon you will find yourself rising above the conflicts.  Fly butterfly…… fly!



“What takes precious time to make only takes seconds to break like the fluted glass that has fallen – it reflects the pieces of its resignation”




My heart is broken beyond repair. Like a fine crystal glass that has fallen onto the floor into so many tiny pieces that reflect and bear witness it was once there and was held and full of joy.

To not feel a gentle soft touch
a kindness that sinks no deeper than a smile or a word.
To forget the touch that is so slow, soft and being held ever so tenderly
to be cared for with the deepest of compassion. To feel the joy of intense sharing the oneness that only two may share. To laugh and laugh with…. to be adored …to be admired
to be liked… and thought of and treated with the sincerest respect. To know that there is one who holds you deep within and writes your name on the walls of their heart. To matter to the utmost and to be shown in the quiet gentle movements and moments that take your breath away or make you wish time did not exist. To look into the eyes of another and see yourself blooming Like the rose or to see your soul dancing among the lilies … To lay your head down against someone’s heart and believe that in every beat is the mention of your name. To believe in and be believed in with total validation, honesty and truth. To have light and breathe in the light of another and know there is no darkness, no hidden secrets to find or harmful thoughts to injure. To be told and believe that you’re the reason for their joy, peace and love … That everyday your smile makes someone feel loved and alive… the magical power of a simple smile. I wanted to know what love was and you showed me love in its season of glorious colors. But the colors are fading into the gray. I am lucky to have had at least that moment when one can say I have known all this at least even for a season in their lifetime is more than most could ever know. To have walked through the park where dreams and promises unfold. I walk away now inside I resign from the fallen position that has broken my spirit and my heart. I leave this empty space where ghosts only live and only cause one to look back in sorrow and painful dismay. I understand what it is now to be alone inside and out…. To be unnoticed or held in contempt for who I am and who I am not. To be seethed as the liar, the cheat and the thief. To have my crown of pearls, diamonds and gold taken from me and pushed down off from this beautiful pedestal of love that I held precious and so dear. I have fallen so far and it is a perpetual momentum that becomes this sad slow torture as I see what I use to have and what was of this person I have now become. I am gone! I have become like the ghosts… Those who so many times have tortured me because they too once had souls that were not broken. Farewell to love, farewell to myself… Farewell to you… my love. Winter has come and the winds have blown the ashes of my soul away in their bitter cold hands. My dreams have become like the leaves on the trees one by one they are gone each one dying. The sun has hidden its face and snow has covered my footprints as though I never was in this park of dreams. But in the distance a red bird sings hoping for spring again for you and for me. Because one cannot resign hope without breath. The season has changed it is the way of life nothing lasts… But under the winter snow you will find new footprints and the trees will clap their hands once again… The sun will smile and the loyal red bird will still sing.

“For your eyes have seen my unshaped flesh”

Pg. 27 Zohar


The Reflections of the Shadow


I am alone in the cruelest of ways…. What lesson is this? This lesson has not been taught to my soul in some cold classroom in which I am quietly disconnected. There are no degrees hanging on the walls of my heart declaring intelligent assumption. No! This lesson finds its degree in heat of passion to believe that there is a place that exists where the genuine flames of love burn and that a purified peace can be apprehended. It is in the trail of tears that contain the memories of my life and reflection of the hope of my future that I have emptied myself of those ideas that exist without me. Relentless shredding of my heart has left scars that sing in a language that I cannot interpret in the shadow. It is pain that is the teacher of truth and it is not discovered among the daisies of the field but, it is revealed in the dark blindness of whom we are and who we are not. It is what I think that I need that I cannot attain and the more I want it the more it eludes me. So the wanting and needing are the hands that continually knead these inner conflicts within my soul. Those who pursued me have seen their shadow and upon the capture of my soul find that it was just a reflection of what they had lost. One may find their reflection in the mirrors that hang on my walls but, the mirror is mine. There are no winners, nor losers in this game of seductive delusion of perfection it is only those who understand the power of inner truce that transforms the darkness.



What is it that we need to be happy with our lives? There are quite few things that many are looking for such as happiness, peace and love. But, what will make us truly happy? Some have love and are searching for peace, while others may feel peace but are looking for love. Then there are those you seek freedom which is in a class all by itself. To be “ free ” some think it is not be in a relationship. While there are those who the idea that freedom is a state of open mindedness. The whole relentless search of what generates what we think will make us happy eventually becomes the driving purpose of our life. How does someone find happiness, if they are constantly searching for what makes them happy? It reminds you of either what came first the chicken or the egg or equivalent to watching a cat chase its tail. It would seem that once one thing we think will make us happy is attained we only discover that we must have something different, something more or less. It is the cat and mouse game of life in pursuit of these ideas that are going to make us “happy”.
In actuality, what we are all looking for in life is just “the lack of trouble” as much as possibly can be acquired or not acquired as the case may be. The avoidance of pain, stress, sorrow and illness these are just a few of those things that we are all looking to avoid at all costs, if possible. So is the “lack of, or avoidance of “trouble” in actuality peace and happiness? The whole idea of this relentless chase can become a balancing act that consumes our focus like attempting to walk a tight rope balancing a ball on the end of our nose at the same time.
When I talk to others or listen to conversations through my bad habit of eaves dropping, I hear many things about what would make their lives better “if only” and “why not’s”? But in truth, the idea is “I want to be free”. What do think or feel makes you “free”? Is it the lack of trouble, sorrow, stress and pain in our lives? The perplexity of what we think we want and what we really need to achieve to obtain “happiness” or “freedom” appears to be the elusive mystery of the ages. Many times in our lives we will experience moments or a period of time that we actually “feel” happy and then we wake up one day and it has disappeared. Then begins or descending journey from the mountain top of the ever elusive moments of “happy” and into the valley of our relentless chase again.
I wonder if the whole idea of “happiness” is what makes us unhappy? Is it the same as saying to an apple, you will be happy once you have become an orange? Always wanting what we think we need to be happy only to find if or when we achieve “it” that “it” isn’t what we thought “it” was? The unending perplexity and the confusion that this state of being creates such disharmony in our minds that we find ourselves depressed just over the whole idea of “happiness”. How ironic and savage these thoughts can become that they mentally kidnap us and imprison us into actually believing that we know what we must have.
Which brings me back to “freedom”, to be free from the elusive idea of obtaining happiness or the relenting chase that leads from one destination to another like an emotional nomad seeking those “moments” of bliss? What I hear under all the “If only, why not’s? and I wish”, is I want to be FREE! Free from the whole chase, the game and this balancing act on the tight rope.
Freedom is a perplexing thought and when we actually take time to think about “freedom” we could make a list of “things” we think will make us free. But in actuality, freedom is far from what we think it is and maybe that is why so many of us never find it. We are taught that freedom is to live our lives without the restraining obligations of certain things. But, when you look into that crystal ball, some of those restraining obligations are what you think we need to be happy. So we find ourselves climbing deeper into the rabbit hole in search of happiness.
What is freedom? What if we let go of our ideas and rooted beliefs of what the definition of freedom that has been taught to us by others philosophies. What would freedom look like then? What would it feel like? We have been taught since childhood that we are should always moving toward some destination or goal. It’s time to get up, it’s time to eat and it’s time to go to bed. It is always “time” to do something and once we do that particular “thing” then it is time to do another. This is how our minds work on a constant basis; we will even stay awake at night not being able to sleep because we are “thinking” about what we need to do when it’s not even “time” to do it. Making a long list of “to do’s” in our heads making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.
Freedom is not a destination. Freedom doesn’t have a place to be at any given time in fact, freedom doesn’t own a watch. Freedom doesn’t have an origin, or a place it has come from or a destination, any particular place it is going to. Freedom is not obtained like a trophy that one puts on a shelf or money that is deposited into one’s bank account. I have seen homeless people who have more freedom than those who have massive bank accounts. Money can be a great tool but, a terrible taskmaster. In fact, most of the time money brings more obligations which only imprison us and take us further away from freedom. That is certainly not the way to discover freedom by obtaining more obligations. Freedom can be wealthy or common it doesn’t really care what kind of car it drives or clothes it wears. There are those that experience “life” in a state of feeling “lost” and don’t even realize that misguided feeling could actually be freedom in disguise. We search for destinations and we thrive on obligations they appear to feed or inward ego and deep sense of feeling that we “belong”. So feeling lost could be just the feeling that we don’t have a destination, any heavy obligations or belonging to any particular thing or person. But wait a minute! Is that what freedom IS, makes one wonder!…. Alas! Another riddle ….. Another rabbit hole and an illusion or disillusion of the mind once again. Is freedom just the simple idea of having “no debt”? To not owe anything to anyone? Will that make us “free”? Well, having “no debt” might very free us from certain obligations but, it will not release from the responsibility of “things”.
So after all that…. We get to add into the mix “responsibility”! So is freedom the ability to not have any obligations or responsibilities to anyone or anything? That could actually be what many experience as “loneliness and lost”. I hope by now after reading this you are starting to get the idea that this is a wild goose chase and is going nowhere at all. (lmaorotf)!
Freedom…………….. to be free! Free is an unusual state of being of the mind and heart. In many ways it has the characteristics of “ looking” lost but, is far from it. We can always tell when we are in the presence of someone who is “free” because there is an air of timelessness about their words and their movements of their body are soft and graceful. When we converse with them we sense that they are “old souls” yet, they are a breath of fresh air on every level. They attract those who are longing for freedom and repel those who seek deep obligation. There is a wisdom that gleams from their eyes and their presence can be compared to an invisible light of energy that permeates around them. This charisma that surrounds these free souls can be felt, seen and heard even after they have left the room. If fact, when they walk into a room they may not attract any attention whatsoever but, when they leave the room it is quite evident that something has changed. To be free is to not “want or “ need ” but, to accept and surrender. To give and not to take is the morality of freedom and those who experience it understand and have to come to the realization that everything is and happens for a reason. What a probable solution to the elusive confusion we experience in our lives and emancipation of all our complaints.
I have come to the place in my life where I realize that this uncomfortable feeling that I get when I don’t feel in control or I may feel helpless is actually “ me” trying to find more obligation. It appears that many of us have been so ingrained with the idea that if we have control on some level that we can be free from “ something ” or “ someone”. We want to “ want ” things or people or think we need to “ need” things or people to make us happy, secure or create our sense of belonging. These destinations of the mind that we have accumulated are very hard to give up. It is so apart of our being that to give up the strong desire of destination, just the actual thought can create fear and loss in one’s mind. We want to “ belong” but at the same time we want to be “free”. What an ironic dichotomy of thinking!
This sense of “ belonging” is something we begin to learn from the day we are born and evolves into a child that grabs his toy from their sibling and yells “MINE”! To belong is to have “MINE” – a state of inner ownership and the show of outward belongings. They say he who dies with the most toys win, what a perfect way to describe “MINE”, but they don’t say he who dies with the most toys is the most happy or the one who wins will be free. The ridiculous idea that anything we think we own here in this life is actually ours is the greatest delusion at its finest. We came here naked and we leave here naked – just for the record! What we may think is “ ours ” is only what we may borrow for a period of time even if we “own” it. Ahhhh! Now there is a freedom idea…. Borrowing? Well that just goes against all the rules of what we are taught that will makes us happy and free. We must “own”, we must “have” if we want to be free from debt. Life is a debt collector and at the moment we take our last breath it will come and collect all that you thought you “owned”.
One would get the feeling that we are born, raised and taught how to be prisoners to just about everything. A prisoner to people, things, money and time and the list grows on and on. Then half way through this thing we call “life” some of us actually open our eyes from the hypnotic state of materialistic sleep and gain the realization that everything acquired must be unshackled from them if they want to be free. What a beautiful thought we are born free and to actually die free. Now there is a whole new idea to a purposeful life.
Being free is not connected to having “things” nor is it apart of the illusion to our deception that “things” have us. What a concept to come to the awakening that we can enjoy everything, as long as we enjoy it without entitlement. To live our lives understanding that everything has a purpose and that our inward drives for destination doesn’t shackle our minds. To accept and live constantly in the attitude of acceptance and to surrender to life’s moments whether they may be good, bad or indifferent. To have faith in “freedom” and believe that it actually exists and can be experienced, if we are willing. The road to freedom is not paved with all those rooted beliefs that were taught to us from those who were taught by others that if we follow these golden rules we will become successful and free. The road to true freedom is not paved with gold it is paved with peace, love and forgiveness. I have read myriads of books and have heard many ideas of how you can find “happiness” but, actually you can’t find HAPPINESS…. Happiness is something that happens to you when you are free. Are you ready to be free? Or maybe the question we must truly ask ourselves is, are we “willing” to be free?
Are we willing to unshackle our minds and “let go” of those ideas of what we though freedom was The road to freedom is not paved with gold, but with stones of inward discovery? It is not an easy task, or an easy road…. If it was then there would not be so many unhappy people imprisoned to the chains of desire that keep them chasing everyday what they cannot keep. It is equivalent to holding water in ones hand. Free your mind from all those things that you believe you must have to be free! So many of them feel so good and provide many mental and physical comforts. But, that is the shallow end of the pool when it comes to what we are looking for. Being free actually removes the pain of so many disappointments and expectations from ourselves and others. So I pose the question again…. Are you ready? If you ask to be emancipated from your imprisoned thinking of what you are now and what you must have to be free, what will happen? Who will you become? Maybe you have reached a crossroads in your journey and it is time to contemplate which direction to take…. The road to freedom will not be lined with money trees and lined with walls of wealth. I am not saying you will not receive these things , WHAT I AM saying is that your focus will change because you are awakened to the truth that happiness and freedom are the same. So I ask again… ARE YOU READY?

TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES! Is that faith or are you just BLIND?


There are moments in our lives when we question the existence of God. We can not find understanding or come to some peaceful acceptance about our lives. We desperately want some relief from the internal turmoil that rages within like a consuming fire. There appears to be no place, person or thing that can give us answers, comfort or assurance. Yes… There are those moments that have come to each one of us personally in the darkness and the light leaving us alone to resolve our faith, our journey and our truth for ourselves alone. Without these moments we will never truly comprehend that we can make plans, God laughs and we cry. To realize that we can and have been given the gifted ability to choose whatever path we want, believe what we want, to live in the light, the darkness or live in the colorless existence where we don’t acknowledge either. No matter how long it takes.. An hour, a day, a month or years we can only find ourselves when we come to our desperate valley of decisions. It is the only truth power that we have and it is in this place that we must learn that we are sum total of all our decisions. We have become our own responsibility not someone else’s blame. So realizing the confusing questions that lay before us like forked paths we try to choose the right decision understanding that even though we cannot move forward until we decide, we are still in the hands of a unprejudiced power that has no obligation to our plans, desires or questions. Accepting the truth of this disturbing knowledge and finding peace deep with in our mind and soul is more than just a leap of blind faith … Because blind faith could never describe the deep intensity of the emotional trauma, risk, fear and questions that we must surrender to make our decision of what are next step… our next turn on this journey of discovery that ticks away continually will be. Blindness is only one aspect of our condition in this desperate moment. We have become numb without and painful within experiencing the true meaning of what alone is. Faith is what we read as the hope for things or belief in things that cannot be seen and yet hoped for. I must say through my own experience alone this sounds so insignificant… So shallow when we are swimming in a raging sea with no help in sight. Truth is what exists whether we can see it, feel it, understand it or find it. Truth is this pearl of great price we all seek … To know… To understand… To find peace even if the truth disrupts our lives at least we are no longer living in the unknown fog of confusion. Faith is a decision but Truth is a fact that exists continually. It does not change its colors or wane because of the difficulties in my life. My mind chooses to believe whatever I decide this is faith … But I can believe in something that has no truth in it whatsoever and that faith will not require it to change. I believe in miracles but, this is not what I am talking about. To even think that we have control over miracles would make us God. I am talking about the nitty gritty of those desperate moments in life we all must go through feeling helpless and alone. I say having faith is what keeps a flame lit in our soul that gives us hope for a brighter day, a better tomorrow and a possibility. I think it requires some faith to make those decisions we must make to step forward out of this place of turmoil. But it is truth that we seek to accept what we may not like or what we may not have or get. Truth requires this word acceptance that gives us the idea that we must settle for something or some circumstance that is negative. I mean honestly… When does one often hear one say ” I finally came to accept through much difficulty that I am rich, beautiful and intelligent?” I know that is an extreme example but, sometimes we must describe an extreme example to make a very clear point. How do we find the gentle power of peace to accept the truth? Acceptance has three roads… The first is to accept the truth that the way things are can not be changed.. .. The second is to accept the present circumstances but realize the truth is that we can and have the power to change it if we so decide… And third accept the truth that the circumstances exist and cannot be changed and we can decide to leave the circumstances behind. Truth and acceptance are the powerful life changing foundations for our decisions that will move us forward from this place of turmoil, confusion and disillusion. Faith and courage to carry out those decisions are an entirely different dimension yet, equally as important in their own particular way. To have faith and courage without truth and acceptance creates an imbalance in our decisions. Truth, acceptance, faith and courage are all words that belong together. Each word carries with it, it’s very own special impartation of balance and wisdom. The question is can we accept the truth? If we accept the truth what terms will we decide to accept and move forward with? If we can come to this place of understanding then our confusion begins to lift, the path becomes clearer and we realize our hope. It is in this place, this position of powerful decision that we all have or can reach that once we have decided our choice that we can move forward with faith and courage in our path. We may want or have faith that our path is leading us to a specific destination but, the truth will show up again and we must understand that the problems we face along the way is truth challenging us to accept what is best for us. Not what’s best for everyone else but, our personal truth. Our journey may lead us to our rainbow of faith, our spiritual pot of gold. Most likely it may lead us to the place where God wants us to be to be happy…oops! Did I just sat that word? Happy! Do you believe that being happy ( which is what we all desire) may not be anything like what your pot of gold may be? Yes…. Truth ! The truth is most of us are miserable and confused because we actually believe that all we must do is believe and have faith that God will do what we think will make us happy as long as we have faith. I have met and must confess I was disillusioned by these religious sing songs and still struggle with them at times. I am not discrediting the scripture or doctrine of truth . I am just remarkably shocked that many of us ( including me) have not been taught to understand the depth of truth in such spiritual teachings. I have seen the same people go to church and ask for prayer for the same problems over and over again only to be told ” just keep the faith” – ” let go and let God” . What a disservice and misrepresentation to Truth and how we rob ourselves and others of what they really need to change their lives and get out of the destructive confusing cycles or quicksand. I am not implying that I ” know it all” I am just another ” you” trying to walk my journey without religious fairy tales or spiritual icing that produces an idea of unrealistic truth. I hope that my journey can help another” me” …. Someone seeking and willing to listen without judgment or chopping down the apple tree with their doctrinal axe when they are starving to death. Where are you now? What are you facing? Do you want change? Are you willing to accept the truth? If you feel lost and confused…. Alone as you may feel, your not. See that person next to you? Either they are there or have been there if they have lived long enough. I guess it comes down to this…. I could sing you a song or I could tell you the Truth. Trust me when I say this the Truth will not only hurt less but, sound so much better. SKG

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Are you awake? Part 1

Journey #3 greeting cardPerception is not reality…. Only to those who accept perceptions without questioning their validity. Then perception can be entirely an illusion and/or disillusion of our mind depending on your state of being and the rooted beliefs that have been imposed upon your conscious and subconscious mind these beliefs mold your idea of truth. We create our realities through the power of our observation of the world and the information we use to create our thoughts and beliefs. Our perceptions are enslaved to our natural mind and the senses of the body. If we can see it, touch it, hear it, taste it and/or smell it then we believe it must exist in reality. Yet, science has proven that the reality we experience through our senses is one facet of a perceived reality that exists through our observations. We are so much more than just this natural body that consists of flesh, bone and blood or even what we think, feel, taste, see or hear. In fact, these aspects of our natural state of being are the conclusions of our powerful rooted belief systems we have been taught since infancy. These perceived truths are based on manmade theories and the conclusions of antiquated science, fear based religious concepts and cultural ideologies . The ever expansive Universe is constantly expanding and so knowledge is constantly increasing as we are propelled forward into space and time. The science of Quantum physics and the universal consciousness of a diverse spirituality have connected creating a new awareness of thought and a broader spiritual momentum. There appears to be a global shift of consciousness that is waking us up to a new world of open spirituality and universal survival. We are releasing ourselves from the old thought patterns, ideas and actions that have not evolved and do not create purpose. This radically quiet evolution of consciousness that is currently taking place is like a butterfly that is freeing itself from its safe warm cocoon. So many have become disenchanted and realized that there must be something much more purposeful, more powerful and real beyond the security of a cocoon that they have outgrown. Those fearless ones who desire to free their minds from the boundaries of what they have accepted as Truth and spread their wings to apprehend new realities of revelation and change. This new awakening does not negate the existence of God … No – quite the opposite. The experience of this new shift of consciousness expands the existence of God in our reality. This inner spiritual expansion reveals God to us on God’s terms, not according to what we have been taught to believe about God. Once awakened one is astounded by the grand immensity of God who was once molded into the idea of a separated hierarchy and a legalistic dictatorship. This releases our minds from fear and teaches us that humility is not the state of accepting our defects but, humility is the action of gratitude, respect and agreement. A spirituality intimately connected with God who is not denominational, prejudice or held captive to books, stories, songs, ceremony, rules and interpretation. I am not implying God is not evident in such things because God exists everywhere and is manifested in the seen and unseen alike but, the truth is indisputable that God is to vast, complex and mysterious for such an idea. Connecting with God is to awaken to an active consciousness of personal experience with God in all creation seen and unseen, known and unknown. To allow ourselves to experience God, the Universe and Creation in whatever form, power or presence with or without name, gender or being. It is in this complete surrender of self and relinquishing of all previous knowledge that we have acquired that we find ourselves free to roam and discover God without rules, fear, judgment and punishment. A child feels and displays love but must be taught to obey rules, develop fear, acknowledge judgment and express hate. So we must come to experience our truth with God as a child on the basis of Love and trust alone. Not through a second hand truth but, a one on one truth that we have discovered through our very own personal conscious contact. A soul wrenching theophany not influenced by previous conceptions but, through our power to trust that as we set sail into unchartered waters without map and compass we will not be lost at sea. God is love and yet we are taught to fear coloring outside the lines or allowing our creativity to explore God and Creation without limits for in doing so we may fall away, be deceived or relinquish our blessings. These religious rules are etched into our psyche to control us and keep us held captive to a certain theology or dogma. Striving through works to receive rewards creates an allegiance to religion creating defensive mindsets that would challenge it’s authority. The devastating idea of questioning or relinquishing ones faith in the rules of their religion would create the loss of reward. Those who have been caught in the snare of religion cannot accept the possibility of release even if the door of interpretation should swing wide open or the walls of contradiction should crumble to the ground … Holding fast in the cocoon and never spreading their wings of discovery on the breeze of faith to experience the mystical ability to fly. Imagine a bird never realizing that they have the ability to fly …. To sense the deep instinctual desire to release itself from the ground but, not having any awareness to understand that it was created for flying and equipped to do so. Many are spiritually hypnotized under the power of this perception constantly living in conflict, frustrated and disappointed with their spirituality. It appears that those who are sleeping while awake are begging to be awakened from their perceptions to experience a new consciousness that allows them the freedom of limitless exploration without conflict or fear. A spiritual liberation of one’s body, mind, soul and spirit to manifest God in their lives through the powerful mysterious journey that is theirs alone, released from judgment of sin, self inflicted karma and religious heresy. Awakened to our consciousness our spiritual awareness brings into focus those obscurities that have lingered in our imagination in our past causing us to now be sensitive to the vibrations of energy that surrounds us and that creates who we are . Our limited senses that once were used only as the information receptors of our body are now transformed into a system of limitless connectors that create energy drawn from a reality of connective consciousness. Our understanding of what we were before has left us and a clarity of new vision that interprets light, sound, vibration and frequency begins to guide us into previously hidden realms of knowledge, experiences and self discovery. Our spiritual occupation to the path before us has now enlightened our burden of questions and confusion and a new journey has begun that draws our soul to its Source seeking a Divine agreement to accept the mystical guidance of God. The key to being receptive to this new reality is to remain in a state of fluidity as much as possible. This fluidity of being means our ideas, beliefs, experiences and thoughts do not demand the closure that comes from conclusion but they have now accepted that there are no conclusions and no finality of decisions based on the continual movement of the Universe. Revelation is God in an unending expansion of Universes, diverse realms and powerful manifestations . As we progress we are astonished that we have entered into a realm of consciousness and a matrix of energy that begins to unfold the mysteries of the Divine placing us in the position of receiving. God longs to reveal Love to us without any preconceptions of how that must be done. To attempt any idea that we know God or that we should expect God to act or react according to any particular manner by being held hostage to ancient writings is the mindset of religious ignorance. How unbelievably blind to believe that we actually have even the slightest idea that we know who or what God is. Our connections and relationship to God can be and should be as real and personal to each and everyone of us. It would be more achievable for an ant to understand and know what a human is, their name, what gender or where they came from then for us to say we know these characteristics about God. God is not human, understanding the life of Christ and accepting that God manifested in a human form is not unrealistic but, to say we understand that event is still challenging and unattainable. This immense power, a Divine all powerful consciousness who is the Creator of all things that holds all that we know of Creation as a grain of sand is immense beyond all knowledge and yet, as personal to each individual as their own heart. It is when we awaken and are released from all preconceived ideas about God that we begin to see God in all things, even within ourselves. To connect with the Divine through our awakened consciousness and experience the unique power of being a co-creator manifesting God’s will through agreement and not the spiritual beggar who must repeatedly ask for the same thing is spiritually freeing. The action of agreement does not negate our reliance on the power of God or the act of prayer but, it does give us faith to know that we are children of God who have inherited our position to obtain what we ask through this power of agreement. Implementing this miraculous revelation of co-creator and connect it to the powerful knowledge and action of realization that we are awakened to a conscious awareness of energy that we are connected to. we become the movers and shakers of the Spirit.

Transformed by the power of Fluidity

This past year I have experienced some very deep emotions and gained a broader perspective of life through these events.  I would not necessarily call it change …. I think the best words that describe what I feel have happened would be transformed by the power of enlightenment.  I am in the process of awakening everyday to new ideas, thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world around me.  I believe that enlightenment is a continual spiritual process of transformation. It is not a onetime event that just happens and then you are done.  Enlightenment is like breathing in every sense of the action.  It is a state of “being”.  It is the ability to follow the path that is before you without knowing where you are going and to allow God, the Universe, Creation and Truth lead you without having the fear.  It is a continual motion that evolves, transforms and enlightens the body, mind, soul and spirit.  I have found that the key to keep in a forward motion is to have an open mind and heart with everything.  To respect the path and journey of those around you – meaning you respect their journey even if their ideas, thoughts or beliefs may not agree with yours, understanding that everyone’s journey is unique.  Last, but not least, is letting go of “stuff” and surrendering to the moment, meaning to walk in fluidity of everything and everyone around you.  This movement of surrendering to the moment includes accepting where you are at on your journey the good, bad and indifferent.  This is not an event but it is the energy current and flow of this unpredictable path.  The more we learn to surrender to the moment and accept where we are, the more gentle the path becomes to us.

Life is messy and that’s just the bottom line.  It may be more or less messy at times but one can be assured that there is always something we must “deal “with or get “through”.  So looking for the way out is definitely not the answer.  Finding ways to avoid or manage messes and also, how to clean up or walk through them is quite helpful.  The sooner we accept the “mess” and stop complaining about it – the sooner we will move forward on the path.  Some messes are more painful than others to be sure but, the painful ones are the ones we learn the deeper lessons from.  So surrendering to the moment allows us to position ourselves to learn, to receive and to find meaning to the “mess”.

I think that many are seeking a deeper level of truth and spiritual awareness.  These unpredictable times have opened many eyes to realize that we must be willing to change if we want to see “change”.  We must be the change in the world we want to see.  We cannot control the world but we have the ability to make changes around us that will affect the world in a positive way.  We may be pebbles or stones but either of them when dropped into the water creates a ripple effect that affects the reflection of the water.  How far and how deep that change happens is beyond our understanding or vision.  Everything that happens changes something else, that changes something else…. This is the butterfly effect of our actions.

We are living in a time of interconnection where spirituality, science and morality are beginning to reveal the power of their connectiveness to each other.  Everything that we have known and understood in these three arenas are changing because of the reality of this fact.  Not all things that we knew to be science are just scientific facts any longer they have now crossed over the lines into spirituality and morality.  These connections are being revealed to us constantly and what we use to think or believe is being challenged by new information and facts. With all this new awareness being thrown in our laps we have a lot of new choices to make. 

We must acknowledge the facts and recognize that no matter what ideology that was taught to us by man has now come under the revision status of revelatory facts.  Discovery can challenge your beliefs and cause you to choose ignorance or enlarge your borders of truth.  Either way, the fact still remains and requires us to make new choices.  

My idea of who God is has changed so drastically in the past 2 years. Everything I thought I knew has been changed or transformed in some respect about the idea of who God is.  God has become this Divine force that permeates everything for me now.  God is so vast, that all that we know and understand as our reality, the earth and the Universe are but a speck in the eye of God.  So immense is God and yet, so very personal.  Who can claim to understand this?  I marvel at this amazing reality.  I have let go of all the doctrinization that I had received earlier in my life.  That doesn’t mean that there was not truth within these ideas but, I wanted to discover more so I chose to release myself from the prison of my mind, my past and what was “ truth” and set my ship to sail for a new world. 

It is a scientific fact that the Universe is continually expanding, continually revealing God.  Expansion is very important to our spiritual growth and reality.  Allowing ourselves to take the walls down and open up our minds and hearts to expand.  To say “I don’t know but I am willing to learn”, to take the position as the student of the Universe, God, Creation and Truth.  To become intimately acquainted with a God that you can recognize outside of the books and speeches.  I have found God in the most unusual places that it always amazes me when that happens.  It makes me realize that God is not confined to anything.  I guess that’s why you could find Jesus in the tax collectors house or hanging out with the prostitutes. God is not confined to what we think is right and wrong or good and bad. In fact, the only time Jesus really got angry was in the temple and He threw things and overturn tables.  The circumstances might not be so different even today.

Everything is changing so quickly around us and the Earth is undergoing some very radical changes on all levels.  We are moving into a new a new dimension of reality and moving away from what was.  This is not just a spiritual idea but a true reality that is making us face up to our rooted belief systems.  Creation is speaking to evoke the change that is necessary for our survival.  It as though it is poking us hard and saying to us, “WAKE UP”!

All that we understood as religion that led us to believe in the good of humanity has changed and now wears many masks.  Religion has become a word that is used to describe different ideas of God and his purpose some good, grand and some abhorrently vile.  Those who were once connected to religion have cut their lines because they recognize that there is a change that appears to be happening. I have done that as well and have entered the path of discovery to encounter the mysterious nature of God.

In the Bible Jesus asks his disciples “Who do you say that I am?” and some reply with many different answers but Peter says “You are the Christ the Son of the Living God” and Jesus says “blessed are you Simon Barjona for flesh and blood did not reveal this to but my Father who is heaven”.  It is on this level, at this point of consciousness that God wants to meets us.  Toes to Toes as they say in the sales world, to meet God on your level of consciousness, eye to eye.  Who do you say that God is?  If we stripped away all that we have been taught and had to size God up God, who is God to you? 

To summarize what I am expressing I would have to say that change is coming and it is coming quickly.  We can work towards security for our lives to a degree but there is always that X factor, the one thing we didn’t see coming.  We cannot control life therefore we need to understand that acceptance brings solutions if we are willing to shake hands with the thorn that vexes us.  To consciously move in the positive flow we need to live in the fluidity of the moment and not find ourselves stuck in the sludge and grind of the negative that will paralyze us if we allow it to.  To stay open minded to God and be the student and not dictate how God can teach you or reveal life to you.  This is a time of change universally, scientifically, economically, geographically and spiritually so we must stay flexible to not necessarily “new” knowledge but, knowledge that is discovered (revelation). Our lives will go through many different kinds of arenas some good, some bad and some extremely ugly but if we allow ourselves to accept our circumstances and learn we will find the mystery we seek.  The mysteries we seek are not hung on tress like golden apples; no they are deep within the mine of hard rock and must be hewn.  But if we stand fast and are determined to find what we need we will embark on the path that few brave travelers tread upon.  Will you be one?   



Hello.  It’s been almost a year since I posted on my blog.  During this past year I have been through some major changes and losses.  Two of those were the death of my brother from cancer last March and a very close friend in May.  This past year has been a very deep learning experience for me and a long road.  I am glad to be back here and I look forward to posting here again.  Writing is a great outlet for me but, unfortunately this past year has not afforded me the time that I have needed to get alone with my thoughts on a level that I could actually put them down in words.  So I am back let’s give it a whirl!

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