The Gift

The greatest gift you can give to others is to honor their sacred path

Love allows this!

We need to learn to see that although we are connected, we each have a path we must trod

We may journey together but, our path is our own

This is your destiny!

Many times in our lives we may see someone we feel is making a wrong choice based on our perception of what is right or wrong

Truth is that they may or may not be making a mistake or maybe you could be wrong …. Maybe? Possibly?

Either way you must let others choose their path and not judge them for it

Each one of us needs to be true to ourselves wherever we are at in life

and there maybe times that you will be confronted with the judgement of others while being true to yourself.

Be true to yourself anyway!

They may never agree to your choices, they may realize they were wrong or they may realize it’s not their choice to make

Still be true to yourself

Whatever choices you make on your journey you will reap the consequences or benefits along the way. This is what life is about.

Instead of judging we should be cheering others on for being true especially, when the choice they make is not easy, maybe risky and will be hard.

Being true to yourself has nothing to do with making all the choices that feel good or look good

It is when we make the choices that we feel that if we do not make we will feel regret that are truthful

Mistakes can be corrected

Regret is forever!

Be true to yourself!

This is YOUR GIFT!

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