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Mary Mary How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is the power of pain that discovers healing

It is the tears that discover the power of joy

It is loneliness that discovers love

It is the sun that discovers the moon

It is the darkness that discovers the light

It is the winter that discovers spring

It is life that discovers death

We are just here experiencing the power of discovery!

Life is a journey to discover who you are.

You are not this body

You are not your things

You are not your status

You are not your pain

You are not your family

You are not what can be seen

You are not what can be felt

All these things will pass away!

Don’t get to the end of this journey to discover that you were misled

All that glitters is not gold

All the experiences you have encountered or endured are meant to teach you how to cultivate love even in the harshest winters!

If you can learn how to cultivate love using the painful experiences of your life …… You will see the miraculous power of transforming pain into beauty!

It is in the darkness of our garden, deep in the soul of our soil we discover the golden rule of who we truly are!

“Mary Mary How does your garden grow? “

The God Reality

The discovery and knowledge of GOD is a constant force on our journey. We are constantly turning over new rocks and seeing things we never have seen or knew before on our path. God is not a religion and does not belong to anyone or any religion. The more we allow ourselves to investigate, explore and venture into the reality that God IS! God can be everywhere and everything. The Bible is a guide not an alibi. God speaks! God has spoken! Do you hear? Can you see? We can trust God, trust Gods words but, God cannot be held hostage to anyone’s idea. Telling God what to do because we think we are entitled doesn’t work. That’s like trying to command the sea and the wind because you hold a compass standing on a ship? I have found that God is Infinite and mysterious. The more I dig into this garden of the Creator called Life, the more I can see that I can only confront and remove my blindness by acknowledging my entitlements, letting go of the rules and regulations and accepting myself and God ( with all my questions ). The more I realize the less I know or understand!!! God is wonder leading us into the unknown. The more we seek we find ourselves climbing into a well only to fall into the ocean. I must confess that this journey starts out wanting to apprehend God but, ends in only being apprehended. What you allow yourself to see without fear will lead you away from everything you understand. It is here in this place where you will experience God as a vast Universe. All the ” things or places” we consider or call sacred are for ” us”. Places of connection and doorways not, appointments, meetings or rituals. Don’t be afraid to follow what you believe beyond the restraints of fear that others call ” safe, appropriate and theologically correct”. This is your path – if where you are isn’t working then it only makes sense to keep traveling. You are not doing anyone including God service by sitting in a tree that bears fruit that others gather. Have you gathered any fruit? Maybe it’s time to find a basket and go seeking bbeyond the tree.


The Abandoned Soul

We all may ask ourselves “ How do I truly heal those deep hidden wounds?” And we may ask ourselves,” How can I go back and change the past, if I could?”

And we may ask ourselves,” Who am I truly if, I could remove all the memories that haunt me?”

If we had the chance, ONE opportunity of truly finding the answers we so desperately needed, if we could have a moment in time that could of helped us avoid all the pain of our lives and if we could change our “ selves” now and retrieve back our genuine authenticate truth and unscathed innocence in order that we could see life through a child’s eyes again, what could we do? Who would we be? Surely this is not at all possible, is it? What’s done is done! Right?

But, if our soul is eternal and does not age according to what we call “ time” but, experience maybe it could be possible to reconnect ourselves together again.

We could be whole again! Who would we be if we could? How would we change? In some ways it would almost be considered drinking from the fountain of our souls youth.

There is an abandoned wounded infant crying at the door to your heart. Hear the baby crying? Open the door! Look down see into that innocent child’s eyes that stare back at you so helplessly.

That infant is you, there you are laying wrapped in a blanket waiting for love, waiting for security and looking at you for willingness? Will you take the baby in? Will you hold yourself every so gently? Allow the child to suckle from your heart? Staring into each other’s eyes the magic begins and your soul connects! You can once again hear your soul from the eyes of your infant self and you begin to talk to each other with unspoken words. One looks into the future and yet, the same One looks into the past all at once. Each looking for answers to their questions. What do you say to the infant of your soul now that you know – what you know now? Can you change the past by healing the soul of your “ self” in a place where time is not a factor. Can your child soul give back to you your innocence, your dreams, your faith and the love you had before you ever were wounded? Take the time to tell your “ self” all the beautiful moments and things about life you love and then listen as your child’s soul reminds you of what you use to love, as well.

Putting the pieces back together in your puzzle of life, deep within your soul in order to heal, retrieve and connect yourself again is in your hands. We live our lives constantly looking at a puzzle that is not finished trying to find the pieces. Yet, while only “ time” can provide the pieces we need to complete this puzzle we must find the lost pieces, as well. It is a frustrated and wounded soul that continues to attempt to finish the puzzle without knowing this. What if you could change some of these pieces in order to change the picture? Could this possible? Life is about perception, not time or even really experience. “ All things are possible!” Step out of your box!

I hear a baby crying at your door what will you do? Will you choose to go on about your life and ignore the crying of your soul? Or will you open the door and retrieve what has been abandoned? The choice is yours – this is your puzzle, your picture and your soul. The opportunity to heal your “ self” is waiting….. Could you? Would you?

Sonya Spellerberg

There are moments in life when we all get the key …….. use it!

I think there are two concepts that we will always not only misunderstand but …. Never understand. God’s Will and Karma …..

Fear is just the lack of focus and rejection the lack of understanding and knowledge


What good is it if we nourish the mind and body and neglect our soul? We may appear to flourish outside yet, within we are dry wood easily swept away

Let GO of YOUR Ego’s Greed!

Clinging to the past and grasping for the future is the act of the most negative of self centered greed. If we could only see neither exist and what you are holding onto is only weighing down your mind with imaginary baggage. All we own is NOW! Now is a breath, a heartbeat and the feeling of being alive. See the past for what it is …. too small! Like an adult attempting to put back on their childhood garments. See the future for what it is … too big! How can you possibly grasp something that holds you, like the Universe holds the stars? It is your ego that desires to hold onto your baggage or blind ambition so that you won’t feel without, by honoring your failure or success. In this way, we think we are creating who we are but in reality, we are only detracting from what we are. Stop worrying about what you are suppose to do and learn to be centered on who You are being. It is in “ being” we not seek our purpose, but create it. If we spend our time looking for everything we will never find it. It is not in the seeking of knowledge but, the discovery of who we are that we reach our Divine purpose and inherit our Divine inheritance. The world is full of seekers…. be a “ doer”’.

You have outgrown the cocoon that use to be a comfortable familiar home …. You have freed yourself from that which felt so constricting and yet, safe … You thought you had lost yourself in all these intense struggles…..but these events actually were the very thing that taught you how to fly. They transformed you! There is no way to put the butterfly back into the cocoon …. It has transformed you into that which use to be earthly and shallow into that which flies high above what we use to see. Freedom comes when we transform from one perspective to another. It’s not that everything around us changes, as much as we change and our vision is renewed. When we truly accept our struggles as Divine teachers instead of pain taskmasters we can see the bigger picture. But, until we start to accept we cannot see. It doesn’t work the other way around. So let it be so! Then you can bow gracefully to that which you thought would destroy you knowing it was the very thing that gave you exactly what you were seeking, you just never understood the process, the price or the plan.

Here is Your Map

How long you going to walk around the dry, hot, dusty desert? Walking around and around? Finding a watering hole and a palm tree every so often. We become so disillusioned and see the palm tree and watering hole as if we arrived into a moment of paradise only, to wake up to our thirst and hunger to realize we are still lost seeing the palm tree has died and the water has dried up. Now we are moving on again seeking and complaining. Ask why? We sustain ourselves with a book here, a movie there, a seminar somewhere shuffling from one watering hole to the next. Don’t you realize that these watering holes and palm trees don’t even belong to you? Complaining and whining on your journey in between. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too hard….. Complaining! Does this story sound familiar????

It should it’s in the Bible…

Yes… Right there in black and white. The Israelites wandered around the desert for 40 years which in actuality was no more than a 2 or 3 day trip!!!! Are getting it yet?

I guess God has a limit because they drove God so crazy with their complaining that they all died in the desert!

What am I saying here? I am saying you can’t inherit your promise, your purpose unless you learn to walk in the deserts of life with faith and gratitude. You will not find your destiny or dreams until you learn the teachings of the desert. Nope! It’s not going to happen!

So if you are complaining, confused, sad, upset, mad and lost you might want to rethink about your attitude for gratitude! It’s called spiritual laws and just like physical laws such as gravity … They just exist! They only change when we change! Gravity ceases to have power over us when we leave its element of existence or atmosphere. It still exists but, we have changed, we have moved out from its power. The spiritual laws are the cannot expect to fly with no wings and you sure cannot expect to get to the promised land on an empty tank of faith and gratitude! Nope! Not going to happen! So the sooner learn to listen, learn, be grateful and faithful the sooner we will arrive and apprehend our dreams and our prayers. Just remember you don’t want to be a part of the grateful dead party. Yes, those left in the desert roaming around complaining and complaining only to complain about having to complain? Isn’t it time to move on? Isn’t it time for to learn that what you maybe doing isn’t going to work? Isn’t your ego worn down yet? If so…. Then you understand what I am writing! Enough said…..@skswisdomology@2019

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