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The Dancer and The Weeper

Sometimes it seems that half of me is crying because there is so much sadness, and the other half of me is dancing because it is so wonderful to be alive!

Everyday and every moment I either make space for the dancer or pull tissues for the weeper.

I do not understand why the dancer needs to dance and why the crier wants to cry or, why both of them are within me.

Sometimes The weeper becomes so strong that I can forget about the dancer.

I never even ask if it is still dancing. This wailing of the crier seems so real and intense.

Yet, the dancer has always been there, and it always will dance.
Whatever happens in my life, I would like very much to learn to watch the dancer. I want to be absorbed by the dancers dance.

To me, this is beautiful!

Inspired by the dancers dance I choose those things that allow me to watch.
My sorrow does not come from what has happened to me-it comes because I am not watching the dance. When I begin to watch the dance again there is joy.

To you catch the magic again is everything!

Darkness vs. Light

Darkness vs. Light

I don’t fear the darkness as I did when I was a child anymore

There are no monsters that lay waiting under my bed at night

The monsters no longer hide in the darkness they are everywhere

It is the light that I fear the most now

To see what I don’t want to see

The light has no imaginations

Whatever it shows you is real

The darkness can seem kinder in that way because it is usually just thoughts

Most of which are emotions blown out of proportion

Oh! But the Light !!!!!….it has no mercy and it does not take into account anything

It can be abrupt

It can be harsh

It can be painful

Although, the light will bring healing or wisdom

Where as the darkness just leads us into exceptions that we can accept to avoid pain

The light will set you free

Only if you accept it with an open heart

The darkness on the other hand will always keep you blind as long as you are willing to stay

To be free we must own what the light shows us

Own it all!

Accept it and be responsible for it come what may !

The light will show you the way…. It will free you in ways you may not understand or even conceive

I choose the light knowing that there is always a bit of darkness lurking inside me

Some days it is not easy

Some days the light does not win

Some days I am neutral

Some days I bow down to the light

This delicate balance I must maintain is cumbersome at times

But, I will awake again

Weighing out the scales in all that I do for the day

Seek the light

Know your darkness

Release your fear

Accept the truth

Find your healing

You are not alone!

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