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Why me? The Power of Grief!

Grief comes to everyone in many forms, there are no exceptions to this rule. Grief teaches that the piercing arrows of tears can plunge deep within without warning . Grief takes us beyond the sentimental tear of the heart to the dark bottomless place in our soul where tears seem to continually fall silently. As humans, we are brought into this world with the first sounds of our crying and when we leave this world it will be the last sounds we understand. As we get older, we run into grief unexpectedly it is not taught to us and we must find our own way through this darkness. Grief does not come with a set of instructions and many times without a warning sign. Everyone’s experience with grief is unique and personal it is the one thing that we can share but, not give away. Grief is not something we can outgrow with age or overcome by learning a set of principles or even methods. Grief has a specific purpose it clarifies our vision and redefines what is important to us. It causes our soul to bleed, our hearts to break which allows us become tender ground again in order to replant seeds of faith and awaken our soul to realize that life is unpredictable. We may plan our lives out and accomplish many things but, grief is the intruder that comes without invitation that disrupts our plans. Unfortunately, grief is inevitable and everyone is going to experience grief many times throughout their lives.

How we react to grief when it comes into our lives will lead us to become wiser if we choose to embrace our grief as a teacher of mourning, loss and pain or we may pivot to the other end of the scale where grief makes us cynical, cold blooded and hard hearted then we push grief aside, turn ourselves away and avoid it’s pain at all costs. When grief arrives the choice will eventually come to each of us and we will have to decide which fork in the road we will take.

If we choose not to embrace our grief then we risk our ability to feel life fully and genuinely. This leads us to contract and suppress who we really are binding our soul’s voice and eyes leaving us lost. Many who have taken this path have found themselves shipwrecked on the rocks of their faith and have lost their ability to love. Eventually, this journey will affect their lives on every level, even affecting their health and costing them painful experiences in the relationships they have with others close to them. In order to live our lives fully and balanced we must learn to embrace grief as our teacher, accepting the beautiful with the ugly, the storms with the rainbows, the dark with the light and piercing pain with happy pleasures of joy.

It is at these dark moments in our lives when grief strikes like lightning bringing chaos unexpectedly that we begin to see and feel with defined clarity and raw emotion the frailty of life, the unknown factors that can change our plans at any moment, and the value of what is truly important to us allowing the chaff of the unimportant blow away in the wind. Grief is the Divine pruning tool that reveals to us what is special and important to us. It opens our eyes to give us the chance to change our attitudes about life, deepen the paths to our soul, love more intensely, speak more honestly, give more freely, and learn to appreciate what we have been given showing sincere gratitude in return.

Grief opens our heart to others feeling compassion for them, shedding our self absorbed mentality. We begin to start a shift within that we are not just here to live for ourselves but, for others as well. Going through the storm of grief we will begin to see the sun in the distance and gain an awareness that so much of what we thought was “ours” is temporal, continually changing and we begin to focus on the spiritual connections of our lives. Grief is deeply woven and multi faceted , it’s intensity can be a mirrored magnifying glass that will reveal to us what could take decades for us to see allowing us to grow while giving us new vision through our struggle and pain. It is through this powerful magnifying glass of the soul that what was out of focus is brought into full distinct view and we find ourselves facing the mysterious writing on the walls of our heart with Divine interpretation.

As odd as it may seem grief is a sorrowful gift, odd in it’s appearance, cloaked in sadness and as brutal as it may feel it grants us the ability and gifts necessary to fulfill our destiny while defining our truth, intentions and understanding that regret unlike mistakes in life cannot be changed. Although, grief can be extremely painful and unfair grief is not an enemy in fact, grief is apart of life without any distinctions. This is not to be mistaken that grief is a game of odd’s or Divine roulette as though, God and the Universe were throwing darts at us. There are reasons for everything that happen or there are no reasons and nothing makes sense. When in the worst of circumstances we despise those sickening words that others say to us even if they maybe true and well meant, still no one wants to hear in their dark hour, ” There is a reason for everything” or ” Be positive and concentrate on the good”.

If we surrender to the pain and embrace our grief we most likely will find ourselves crying our souls dry leaving us paralyzed, numb and feeling empty. As difficult as this may be it is not a bad thing , tears hold great power as medicine for the soul. Our tears have the ability to wash the windows of the heart when we have lost our vision. If we can find the inner strength through our trust in the Divine, we may still not find all the answers to our questions but, we will sooner or later absolutely find the purpose of our grief. We can learn how to take the dark ugly coal that we have had to dig through much blood, sweat and tears, perplexed with questions and unearth from our soul from the coal of pain diamonds of wisdom that hold within them the power of resurrection.

Gaining the understanding that when grief comes, like all things ” this too shall pass’, branding us with tender scars but, not without giving us the gift of a deeper faith. It is our faith in God in the middle of the uncontrollable events of life that becomes the rock that we hold onto. It is a extremely conflicting moment within when we come to the valley of decision to trust God when you feel betrayed, wounded, confused or even feel abandoned. Although, I have a ” religious” background I speak now from the “spiritual experience” I have had to face in my life that we all must come to the valley of our decision.

We are all spiritual eternal beings having a human temporary experience that we call life. I find comfort through those who have gone before us that have endured unsurmountable hardships and yet, have conquered against all odds accomplishing great things. One person who I look to is Jesus who used His life to accomplish a Divine destiny and to free those from the delusions of religious hypocrisy. Jesus was just a man, although He was the son of God in flesh, as it is written in the Bible He lived His life on the Earth just the same as you and I, He was born into this world as we were and He died just like we all will. Jesus knew He was born with a Divine destiny and purpose just as each of us are as well, which did not save him from experiencing deeply moving moments of grief, betrayal, confusion and pain. Let’s think about this for a moment, lets take away the “religious” super hero and look at Jesus, the man. Jesus was a man and yet, in all respects He was the Christ according to the Bible and Jesus was not spared grief to the point of being so confused that it would lead him to feel lost and doubt, crying and sweating blood in the darkest moments of His destiny. Here is a spiritual leader of His time and He was beat, spit on, brutalized, and carried His cross down the streets of Jerusalem just like any ordinary man. This human man had to drag the instrument of his own death which spiritually held all mankind’s grief that was written by the unseen hand of God.

As Jesus hung on that cross He experienced grief, doubt and even felt abandoned experiencing that moment that was all this pain worthy and was He mistaken about His own destiny. So many of us have experienced those moments in our lives where we all find ourselves in our deepest, darkest and distressful dark night of the soul sensing we are alone. The confusion we feel after we have given, prayed, trusted God, had faith and followed all the ” rules” when we are faced with grief lead us to a deeper understanding that faith and trust are very different in definition. I look at Jesus and his life because He is a factual person and the events of His life are verifiable. As Jesus hung on the cross He spoke very little, He insured that His mother was cared for, He cried out in front of his accusers and believers the question that expressed his great doubt in greatest moment of grief that He felt He was abandoned by His Heavenly Father God, and finally at the end withHis last breath Jesus held fast to His Divine purpose and vision by saying, ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Even Jesus this man had to see through his pain, sorrow, confusion and embrace His pain to trust God that the ordinary was powerful enough to become extraordinary and regain His vision and purpose for this undefinable grief. Studying even this most powerful life that performed such great acts of faith, still even at that moment of grief had to embrace his cross, pain and grief to regain a deeper and greater vision.

All of us have a Divine destiny and purpose, even Judas, we all have a part in this story we call life. Embracing our grief gives us the opportunity to see that there is a Divine purpose to life. We must learn to trust the plan of the Divine to see through the pain of our grief and take the hand of God as we walk through the valley where we will begin to see the lily’s along the way. It is a huge spiritual step of progress to realize that faith is not trust and surrender to God’s plans for our life even when it appears to us and feels as though we are being destroyed accepting that there is a purpose for everything.

When we begin to realize that in life we are given spiritual teachers that each one has a purpose to teach us something only it can and giving to us the gift only it carries. These teachers are not the ones with degrees hanging on their walls, or spiritual gurus or mentors which we all need spiritual support throughout our lives. These Divine teachers of grief, sorrow, forgiveness, brokenness, loss and joy, peace, love, faith and trust are all sent to us many times throughout our life. Our attitude is to be willing to embrace the teacher and learn the lesson which always leaves a gift. This is true spiritual growth and all the books, classes or studies one can do could never teach the soul these lessons. One may teach the mind but, it is the soul where we wrestle with God that we find true spiritual growth and wisdom.

So whatever you maybe facing today we must remember that the embracing the pain and accepting our grief teaches us to trust God. As Job aid, ” Though He slay me I will still love Him”, this is the ground that is tilled by our steadfast trust and tilled with our tears that will bring us spiritual wisdom and peace. As Job was blessed so we will be if we hold fast and remembering that ” This too shall pass and we will smile again”. @sks2018

Are you awake? Part 1

Journey #3 greeting cardPerception is not reality…. Only to those who accept perceptions without questioning their validity. Then perception can be entirely an illusion and/or disillusion of our mind depending on your state of being and the rooted beliefs that have been imposed upon your conscious and subconscious mind these beliefs mold your idea of truth. We create our realities through the power of our observation of the world and the information we use to create our thoughts and beliefs. Our perceptions are enslaved to our natural mind and the senses of the body. If we can see it, touch it, hear it, taste it and/or smell it then we believe it must exist in reality. Yet, science has proven that the reality we experience through our senses is one facet of a perceived reality that exists through our observations. We are so much more than just this natural body that consists of flesh, bone and blood or even what we think, feel, taste, see or hear. In fact, these aspects of our natural state of being are the conclusions of our powerful rooted belief systems we have been taught since infancy. These perceived truths are based on manmade theories and the conclusions of antiquated science, fear based religious concepts and cultural ideologies . The ever expansive Universe is constantly expanding and so knowledge is constantly increasing as we are propelled forward into space and time. The science of Quantum physics and the universal consciousness of a diverse spirituality have connected creating a new awareness of thought and a broader spiritual momentum. There appears to be a global shift of consciousness that is waking us up to a new world of open spirituality and universal survival. We are releasing ourselves from the old thought patterns, ideas and actions that have not evolved and do not create purpose. This radically quiet evolution of consciousness that is currently taking place is like a butterfly that is freeing itself from its safe warm cocoon. So many have become disenchanted and realized that there must be something much more purposeful, more powerful and real beyond the security of a cocoon that they have outgrown. Those fearless ones who desire to free their minds from the boundaries of what they have accepted as Truth and spread their wings to apprehend new realities of revelation and change. This new awakening does not negate the existence of God … No – quite the opposite. The experience of this new shift of consciousness expands the existence of God in our reality. This inner spiritual expansion reveals God to us on God’s terms, not according to what we have been taught to believe about God. Once awakened one is astounded by the grand immensity of God who was once molded into the idea of a separated hierarchy and a legalistic dictatorship. This releases our minds from fear and teaches us that humility is not the state of accepting our defects but, humility is the action of gratitude, respect and agreement. A spirituality intimately connected with God who is not denominational, prejudice or held captive to books, stories, songs, ceremony, rules and interpretation. I am not implying God is not evident in such things because God exists everywhere and is manifested in the seen and unseen alike but, the truth is indisputable that God is to vast, complex and mysterious for such an idea. Connecting with God is to awaken to an active consciousness of personal experience with God in all creation seen and unseen, known and unknown. To allow ourselves to experience God, the Universe and Creation in whatever form, power or presence with or without name, gender or being. It is in this complete surrender of self and relinquishing of all previous knowledge that we have acquired that we find ourselves free to roam and discover God without rules, fear, judgment and punishment. A child feels and displays love but must be taught to obey rules, develop fear, acknowledge judgment and express hate. So we must come to experience our truth with God as a child on the basis of Love and trust alone. Not through a second hand truth but, a one on one truth that we have discovered through our very own personal conscious contact. A soul wrenching theophany not influenced by previous conceptions but, through our power to trust that as we set sail into unchartered waters without map and compass we will not be lost at sea. God is love and yet we are taught to fear coloring outside the lines or allowing our creativity to explore God and Creation without limits for in doing so we may fall away, be deceived or relinquish our blessings. These religious rules are etched into our psyche to control us and keep us held captive to a certain theology or dogma. Striving through works to receive rewards creates an allegiance to religion creating defensive mindsets that would challenge it’s authority. The devastating idea of questioning or relinquishing ones faith in the rules of their religion would create the loss of reward. Those who have been caught in the snare of religion cannot accept the possibility of release even if the door of interpretation should swing wide open or the walls of contradiction should crumble to the ground … Holding fast in the cocoon and never spreading their wings of discovery on the breeze of faith to experience the mystical ability to fly. Imagine a bird never realizing that they have the ability to fly …. To sense the deep instinctual desire to release itself from the ground but, not having any awareness to understand that it was created for flying and equipped to do so. Many are spiritually hypnotized under the power of this perception constantly living in conflict, frustrated and disappointed with their spirituality. It appears that those who are sleeping while awake are begging to be awakened from their perceptions to experience a new consciousness that allows them the freedom of limitless exploration without conflict or fear. A spiritual liberation of one’s body, mind, soul and spirit to manifest God in their lives through the powerful mysterious journey that is theirs alone, released from judgment of sin, self inflicted karma and religious heresy. Awakened to our consciousness our spiritual awareness brings into focus those obscurities that have lingered in our imagination in our past causing us to now be sensitive to the vibrations of energy that surrounds us and that creates who we are . Our limited senses that once were used only as the information receptors of our body are now transformed into a system of limitless connectors that create energy drawn from a reality of connective consciousness. Our understanding of what we were before has left us and a clarity of new vision that interprets light, sound, vibration and frequency begins to guide us into previously hidden realms of knowledge, experiences and self discovery. Our spiritual occupation to the path before us has now enlightened our burden of questions and confusion and a new journey has begun that draws our soul to its Source seeking a Divine agreement to accept the mystical guidance of God. The key to being receptive to this new reality is to remain in a state of fluidity as much as possible. This fluidity of being means our ideas, beliefs, experiences and thoughts do not demand the closure that comes from conclusion but they have now accepted that there are no conclusions and no finality of decisions based on the continual movement of the Universe. Revelation is God in an unending expansion of Universes, diverse realms and powerful manifestations . As we progress we are astonished that we have entered into a realm of consciousness and a matrix of energy that begins to unfold the mysteries of the Divine placing us in the position of receiving. God longs to reveal Love to us without any preconceptions of how that must be done. To attempt any idea that we know God or that we should expect God to act or react according to any particular manner by being held hostage to ancient writings is the mindset of religious ignorance. How unbelievably blind to believe that we actually have even the slightest idea that we know who or what God is. Our connections and relationship to God can be and should be as real and personal to each and everyone of us. It would be more achievable for an ant to understand and know what a human is, their name, what gender or where they came from then for us to say we know these characteristics about God. God is not human, understanding the life of Christ and accepting that God manifested in a human form is not unrealistic but, to say we understand that event is still challenging and unattainable. This immense power, a Divine all powerful consciousness who is the Creator of all things that holds all that we know of Creation as a grain of sand is immense beyond all knowledge and yet, as personal to each individual as their own heart. It is when we awaken and are released from all preconceived ideas about God that we begin to see God in all things, even within ourselves. To connect with the Divine through our awakened consciousness and experience the unique power of being a co-creator manifesting God’s will through agreement and not the spiritual beggar who must repeatedly ask for the same thing is spiritually freeing. The action of agreement does not negate our reliance on the power of God or the act of prayer but, it does give us faith to know that we are children of God who have inherited our position to obtain what we ask through this power of agreement. Implementing this miraculous revelation of co-creator and connect it to the powerful knowledge and action of realization that we are awakened to a conscious awareness of energy that we are connected to. we become the movers and shakers of the Spirit.

Conscious Contact with LOVE

Love this word holds the meaning of life and death. Without it there is no light and with it all the colors seem to gleam with clarity beyond the natural depth of what can be seen by the natural eye. Men and women have been known to die for this idea of LOVE or miraculously live. Most of us search for LOVE our entire lives seeking to find it as if it were a hidden treasure or an elusive dream. We yearn for its existence and yet at times despise the very thought of its reality. LOVE has more meanings than probably any word ever known to man. To each person it has its own decisive definition and emotion. We consider it a verb and action of the body, mind soul and spirit as if we actually possess it as one of our human emotions such as hate, sadness or joy. The intense need for LOVE in our lives will lead us to even cause us to find animals to facilitate the ability to express this emotion. LOVE has its own language, a universal language of the soul that needs no particular words or song to communicate its intense heat. It can be caught by the glance of the eyes from the touch of a hand and yet can be as strong as a blow of death or a kiss that resuscitates the soul. The loss of LOVE from our lives can bring us to our knees and the grip of it can quicken the heart. Most of us have understood love as an action a verb, something that we do or feel. But I pose the question to you for consideration what if LOVE is a noun, a being and a friend? What if those who search for it in others realized that it is to be found within them? To know LOVE as something more than a mutual feeling between two people. To actually come to know LOVE not in others but as its own separate entity. Why should we spend our lives looking for this LOVE? When our hearts are broken is it LOVE’S fault? I write this perspective to challenge you to consider LOVE more than what you have ever known or conceived? What if all that you ever thought about LOVE was twisted because you were taught that LOVE was an emotion instead of a person. The Bible says God is LOVE… and yet, we still think that LOVE is something that God gives to us like a gift. If God is LOVE then LOVE is God? If there is no God then LOVE is just a turbulent emotion that we experience without any rhyme or reason. It comes and it goes. What if you could actually get to know LOVE? Not love through another person…. Although… that is how we share LOVE to one another. But to find LOVE first on your own … To learn what LOVE is. So much of what we have been taught about God and Love has been twisted by the ideas of men. Religion has created such fear within that if we don’t hold to some particular doctrine of faith or ideas then surely we are not blessed or protected by God. We have been taught what to believe by those who have been taught by men before them…. Like the story that is whispered down the grape vine until it becomes so convoluted with the ideas and misconceptions of others interpretations that we believe something that is so far from its original intent and meaning. The greatest disservice is the fact that we are actually taught not to seek outside this box and open ourselves up to allow ourselves the honor and privilege of finding God and LOVE on our own. LOVE has been twisted in many of the same ways as the idea we hold in our minds about who is God. Many say I just want someone to love me… or someone to love. When in actuality we must first know LOVE before we can actually give LOVE. There are those who don’t have love and need love. They have been burnt by the love of others. This idea of love that we have inherited from others. This love that we pass around like some sexually transmitted disease. You may think that this is harsh and hard to accept but… what if you could change your idea about LOVE? And what if those change of ideas – changed your life? The wholeness that we seek so desperately is not found in others it is found in LOVE. When we connect with others we find relationship and emotion…. But unless we understand and know LOVE that relationship can change and when it does the emotion we call “love”: changes with it. How can LOVE bear all things? Where is this kind of LOVE? When I read in the Bible what is described as love in Corinthians I think to myself that my dogs understand those words better than most people. I don’t mean to be humorous but how can I not actually see that? We love our children (most of us do but when I read the paper or hear the news lately that idea seems quite warped as well) but, many of us understand the feeling of love for a child or a parent. I believe that this is LOVE in action. Remember this is not about having love or showing love…. This is about KNOWING LOVE! Don’t you want to know who LOVE is? Have you ever even entertained such a thought? Most of consider the thoughts about God and who He is…. LOVE has inspired more prayers and songs than any other emotion. Maybe ….. Just Maybe? We could lay down our idea about love that we have been taught or even felt and ask LOVE to teach us, to be our friend? To change our hearts and minds? If we could know LOVE ( this person … noun) instead of the verb ( emotion) we may find a whole new world and the wholeness we seek that comes from the inside out instead of the outside in. LOVE is a teacher…… What must we learn? Our relationships fail in so many ways because we don’t understand love. If we can know God personally…. Shouldn’t we know LOVE? Changing our view that love is not just an emotion but an actual person ( being) is the beginning of changing the way we think about “ love”. Give it a try what do you have to lose? And what will you gain? For if a man acquires all the wealth in the world and has love…. He has nothing……… SKG 10.25.2012

The Awakened Void

In the stillness of the void I find peace and focus. The knowledge I seek is not in this quiet place. This is the place where knowledge does not hold value and strength is of no consequence. In this place of quiet solitude I find rest from the weary circumstances that exist in reality the other dimension of space and time where there is wresting, striving and worry. This peaceful place does not need words so prayer is not a means of communicating it is the void and yet the fulness it gives is a mystery. In this place I can see that these things that trouble me are mostly illusions of my own design or problems that are so unrealistic it makes me wonder what is the problem that perplexes me. We see ourselves in this state of reality where we believe what is revealed to us on the terms of human abilities as a functional and intelligent reality that appears to control this temporal world. We are mere flesh, bone and blood living organisms that can change and are constantly changing every second.I look through the void and I see the corruptible and I realize that the diseases of our body are just flesh and blood a system that needs order. these things can not be impossible when one looks at the sun, the moon, the stars, the whole solar system is in complete order and synchronicity. At peace with the order of the system. Looking through the void at the complete design and order of the universe and then looking at these finite systems we call bodies. it makes me wonder how can so much that is completely in order harbor so much disorder. our bodies are not stone carved and disease written in stone. No we truly are marvelously made so much so that we outshine the universe in it’s marvelous workings that we display every second within ourselves marvelous miracles of order and healing. Cells that are out of order can be put back into order and start to operate the way they were originally created and intended. It is as though Someone could touch and reboot our system button and put everything that is out of order back into place properly without any chaos or viruses. it appears that in this place where there is no movement, no sound, where there is no chaos and when one looks beyond the boundaries of this void all around is chaos and disorder. it can be compared to being within the castle walls of a fortress where the kingdom is perfectly in order and at peace and outside everything is chaotic and violent banging on the walls wanting in. I sit in this place where it appears nothing exists and what I see is that the reality that we are accustomed to and believe to be real can be manipulated and recreated because it exists in a state of constant fluidity. It is not carved in stone or of any permanent consequence. Your mind has the power to re-create this dimension and create reality on new or different terms. The void is the place the never changes it is the place or eternal position. the place of creation and all that inspires is born here and yet no one who is temporally minded a can comprehend it’s workings. In this place the less, the weak, is the more powerful to create. You create by thought, not strength there is no need for brut strength or intellectualism. Our idea of intelligence is not to be of any consequence or interpretable in the void. You may ask why it’s called a void. Void sounds like a word of non existence. But in actuality, that is our interpretation. I call it the “void”, because it is a place of awakened conscience and exists within us and lacks nothing but does not give you the impression of anything except openness and freedom. It is quiet and still and no movement appears but, yet in it’s unique stillness all is known and it is the place where exists is not a fact but, in every way a place of knowing and being known. A connecting that can be described as a lost child when it finds it’s mother and beyond that to a taking your place in the gap that only younger created and designed uniquely to fill in the chain of an ancient display of Divine Intention and Will.



We are created as a perfect blueprint unique and only one of a kind.  There are no two alike… we are born into this world fully mature.  Our souls are ageless entities that do not change.  We are born and it is at that very moment that our natural minds take over and the face of our soul and all that we are spiritually starts to fade away from our memory.  We are born knowing exactly who we are, what we are here to do and what we look like.  Our first breath here begins to wipe away the thought, the memory, the feeling of all that we knew before that first breath.  Time passes and we progressively move away from our eternal existence.  We are thrown into this world of the unknown to clamor and fight our way for every spiritual breath.  We must be brought to a place in this life where we question our very existence before we begin to see. Why are we here? What are we suppose to do?  Who are you? What do we believe?  We try to change our hair color, our style, our bodies but we can not move away from the source of our being.  It remains the same without change.  Our souls pull on us like a magnet pulling us to its source.  For our soul has a constant awareness that it is the mediator that draws us to our Source and purpose.  Surrendering to its pull is accomplished by stillness…….


I have been on a quest, a journey, a spiritual expedition one might call it for some time now…. I cut the rope from the dock of all that I knew to be my belief system and trusted that God was bigger than the dock and stronger than a rope. God was (GOMU) God of my understanding because I had to confess that what I thought I knew about God was like an ant saying it understands quantum physics. It was more than a “leap of faith”; it was so much more and required blind trust.  I guess one could summarize it as when a child who cannot swim who is standing at the edge of the pool and the parent says to the child “jump!”… And the child jumps towards the parent.  The belief that God’s love and grace is greater to protect me and keep me from these winds of uncertainty is all that I could take with me. I think we are afraid to let go because we think if we let go we will end up in “hell” or some place of darkness and disillusion.  It was a very difficult action to take but… I came to a place in my life where I knew that I could not go any further in the Spirit if I did not let go of the past and all that I knew to be faith as I knew it.  The past did not just include the bad things but, the good as well.  I know that is probably very hard for some to hear, believe me I wrestled with it like Jacob wrestled with the angel for more than just a night!

It has been a very intense and tumultuous journey but, I know now that I have made the right choice.  I have come to the place where I moved into a different dimension with my faith and who I am.  I have gazed into the cosmic mirrors of self-realization and where there was once no reflection – I now see.  Being the person that I am today I guess you could say that my spirituality is like a diamond with many facets.  With colors constantly changing as the light hits each one like dancing lights, fluidity is the movement and constancy is its life.

As you move forward on the journey into the unknown you realize that there are many who have gone before you and that you are not alone.  This journey is a path that the further you travel on it, the less you can take with you.  There has been so much baggage I have had to throw overboard.  Unforgiveness, resentments, hatred, arrogance, ignorance, prejudice, fear, self-pity, pride, beliefs, systems, ideas, dreams, ego, habits and memories.  I have had to even throw overboard some of those “bags” that I thought were filled with “good”, as well.

We are such creatures of habit that it is almost impossible for God to get us to let go of the side of the pool to learn to swim.  We would rather hold on to the side for the rest of our lives because it “feels” safe than learn what we must do to “be” safe.  I had to let “go” and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Spirituality is a mediator and religion is a divider.  I have realized that to grow and to move in this dimensional existence that I must maintain the mind of mediation.  My faith is living, breathing and moving… I walk in it and it is in every breath that I breathe.  I am not here to judge or be judged.  I am not here to convert or be converted.  I am here to connect and share, to give and respect all things in love and truth.  Ghandi said “I like your Christ… but I don’t much like your Christians”, what a statement….   I am sure Ghandi could have said that about me at one time in my life.  Religion is a state of mind and spirituality is a state of being.  They are at such opposite ends of the spectrum.  One is a big block of cement and the other is a river – the best analogy I can come up with.  For so long I carried my faith like a heavy block of cement or marble…  I carved out a beautiful sculpture with all I had experienced and learned.  It was gorgeous! But boy was that “icon” hard to pull around!  But at least I could show it off and it looked so beautiful!  It is amazing to realize that it was the heaviest and first thing to be left at the dock when I left on my spiritual expedition!

Faith is now like a river of energy that I exist in and it exists in me.  It is not an object, a medal, a reward or something that is inanimate.  It is constantly fluid and moving it keeps me in the state of being.  It is the place where there is clarity, focus, and balance.  It is the place of purpose and peace, being in the moment.  I think that has been one of the hardest things I have had to release my mind and focus it on is “THE MOMENT”.  I have always lived my life “in the past” or “in the future” but… hardly ever “NOW”!  That in itself is liberation to know that the past is gone and tomorrow never comes.  To be here “NOW” realizing that if I relinquish myself to “NOW” that what I am called to do, my purpose will draw me and place me where I need to be at every moment.  Living each moment as a Divine appointment!

God, the Universe and Creation have given us so many tools. There are so many spiritual abilities and senses that we are not utilizing that are available to us “NOW”.  We are not here on this earth just so we can get through school to die and move on.  We are here for a reason and we are in agreement with that call and purpose.  Many of us feel “stuck” and frustrated because we are trying to move our mountains with spoons when there are 100 bulldozers parked right behind us or we may be pulling our beautifully carved sculptures behind us.  This is the most amazing reality is that we are not utilizing all these wonderful tools that we have been given to help us help others and to answer the questions “who am I and Why am I here?”  There is a question that people ask “Do you want to be happy or right?” usually that question is asked when people are quarreling! I guess the question today is “Do we want to live in a state of mind or a state of being?”  These states are two totally different ways of existing right “NOW”.

Revelation requires Release!

We find ourselves in the midst of a difficult conflict and we are dumbfounded and frustrated.  We take the conflict and we hold it up to the light and look at it from every facet, put it down on the table and walk around it looking at it as if it were going to speak.  We carry it with us, put it away and take it back out only to find that nothing has changed.  Expecting some resolve as though time has any bearing on the difficulty.  These trials and testings we find ourselves in are a part of this wonderful organism called life.  We cannot outsmart them or outrun them; they come without notice most of the time.  They are the surprise visitors at your front door that we are not prepared to entertain.  We ask ourselves why? What is the purpose of this situation?  We blame ourselves for bad choices, fret because we feel unfairly treated and even blame others for these difficulties that we experience.  Only to find ourselves still standing in the midst of the fire without any improvement or wisdom.

We just want a reprieve of this pain even if for one hour but, no reprieve comes.  It’s like banging your fists against the wall at the end of the fight your hands are broken but the wall remains unmoved and without a sound of pity.  We are left with our tears of pain and words of anger like souvenirs to our emotions.  We get desperate thinking and start to create plans on how to escape this prison of conflict.  We try to investigate the solution, inform ourselves on methods and ask advice from others.  Somehow we begin to feel that we must embark on the roads to educate ourselves in everyway possible as though knowledge is the key to freedom.  Knowledge brings a small and very short lived peace in the trials and testing I am discussing.  The cruelty of knowledge in this situation is that it brings a false hope and one finds themselves right to back where they started just more aware of their predicament.

Think about your trial that you are facing what are the symptoms? Emotional pain, financial pain or physical pain these are the symptoms to the problem that exists.  We truly believe that our answers can be found by looking at the symptoms.  Emotional pain tells us that we may be lonely so we must have a partner to make this trial go away.  Financial pain requires us to make more money to alleviate the testing.  Physical pain speaks to us and tells us if we could just find the right medicine or doctor we will find the remedy and our ill’s will be healed.  All these symptoms are true in every respect.  Although knowing the answer to the symptom does not always change the circumstance even a small percentage.  Knowing the answer that makes us feel better and receiving it is two different ideas.  The trial that brought you to this painful destination requires an agreement with its original intent.  We must come to the place where we accept that reason for this is not only to teach us something but, to create a work in us that will change who are and how we think.  We are constantly evolving into a higher intelligence and a more spiritual force.  We never come to a place when this work is finished we must realize that what we gain in this arena stays with us eternally.

The world teaches us that if we gain it’s wealth than we will have security and happiness.  Although, wealth does relieve a lot of problems when comes to what the world requires of you to live peacefully it does not control the unexpected or negotiate with fate.  To be rich not just as the world defines us but, to be rich in spirit this is the destiny of the eternal work.  Many wealthy people are poor beggars in their spirit and do not understand after all their education that wealth comes in many forms, ideas and energy sources.

To be spiritual rich and use the wealth of this world is what God wants for us.  To gain this position we must release ourselves from holding, hoarding and controlling what does not belong to us.  We have to stop thinking with the logical short terms of this lifetime and start agreeing with the spiritual long term effects of eternity.  The spiritual world has a structure that is in constant motion.  To receive you must learn to give, it is a flow of energy that produces purpose for the eternal destiny of others.

Look at your situation what’s the source of contention? Now look at yourself what do constantly defend? What is that you think you know the most? If you can possibly open your eyes and see the problems without the tainted idea and knowledge of your past and present you may just get a glimpse of the truth.  We must be willing to learn again what we think we have always relied on for strength and stability.  This is a very hard endeavor to undertake because many of us hold onto the past as a crutch and then there are others that use the past failures and successes to define them today.  What is your definition?  If we took away everything, the past, the present and the future who are you?  The spiritual process uses revelation to transform who we are.  To gain the revealing truth that can transform us we must relinquish ourselves completely to the work of the Spirit.

Take the trial and testing you may be enduring right now and look at it again.  Start over and lay down everything you may have realized to be the standard and truth that you relied on in the past.  We keep trying to dress the problem up with different clothes thinking that if we make it look different it will change.  It must be seen in its raw rudimentary form and that is exactly where the revelation exists.  Truth does not have any icing or window dressings.  It is clear and sharp and at the moment it is seen it brings clarity to our minds and emotional frame that causes a change from within and without.

There are spiritual laws and formulas that create energy in the spiritual realm.  They are constant forces that bring reaction to actions, they can create or destroy it all depends if we are in agreement with these laws and formulas.  Of course, these laws and formulas do exist do not dictate the Mind of God or the Universe’s intent they are formed for our well being.  There is one constant in the unseen realm and that is presence of NOW.   This NOW is the connecting factor to very axis in the spiritual realm.  The revelation is perfectly balanced in the middle of the axis of past and the future as well as the axis of your present symptoms and your solution.  Revelation is not knowledge but a spiritual action that is moved by our desire to seek beyond what we know and what we can see and that moment when it as though someone has turned the light on in the dark room where we have been.  Although the light comes it does not remain.  Revelation is not knowledge although, it may bring a new though or action it remains the mysterious work of the Spirit.

We pray for help and help appears to be conflict.  If we are going to grow spiritually we must be willing to learn through change.  We as humans don’t like change it takes us out of our comfort zone.  We would rather live with the devil we know than the devil we don’t know.  Change can be quite painful for many of us.  The motion and flow of Energy of the Universe is in the state of constant change.  When we get stuck spiritually we begin to feel that we are being pulled behind a tractor down a rocky road.  We experience pain and conflict because even though we are still moving forward we have no control over the situation or movement.  Prisoners of change are the dichotomy to spiritual apprehension.

Revelation brings freedom.  What a beautiful thing when we experience that release in a second at the moment we are changed.  What we have been striving and beating ourselves up over for days, months and years is removed.  The path is clear and it appears as though the winds of the Universe are blowing with us instead of against us.  We perceive that  the heaviness we have experienced for so long has lifted and we are light and our vision is simply clear.

You may ask are we at the mercy of the learning experience or can we be taught to agree with God’s intent and the powers that be?  Or do we just evolve through every experience?  Must we continually endure the school of spiritual hard knocks to learn what we need to know or is there a more spiritually civilized intention to this transforming process? Are we victims to the abuse of conflict and crisis that causes us to stumble to every mark of spiritual maturity?

This poses the question is every problem a spiritual issue? When we move beyond what we thought we knew and what was such a priority to us and into the unknown we also experience a void of knowledge.  We are in unfamiliar territory and like explorers in a new world we cannot recognize what we see, we become apprehensive and on guard spiritually.

Now we begin a new process where all the theology we have been taught and knowledge of what we knew God to be in our lives in the past is on the spot.  Here is one the trickiest places to be because how does one release what they believe their spiritual foundations and experience.  These attributes have become our sacred interest and we will protect them with our lives.  We become highly offended and deliberately private because this is our sacred “stash”.  It is what I call the “ I know, that I know, that I know” barricade.  Can truth create an argument against experience?  This is the place so many of us remain because we are not willing to lay down “Our” faith, beliefs, experiences, theology and even to the extent of trust to move forward on this journey.

If this does not stop you in your tracks and send you running in circles then you may get caught into the trap of self righteous addictions.  Begin to inspect ourselves our short comings, our expertise, or lack there of, our failures, or successes and our weak human nature.  We begin to judge ourselves and find ourselves on the fence of the positive or negative side of self righteous conclusions.  In this arena we become our own worse enemy.  It appears that someone let the lions out and we are being chased down by our own fear.  Pride comes in many disguises and is one of the greatest barricades to receiving.  Pride has many disguises from the humble beggar to the relentless evil ruler.  It is an animal that transforms itself to fit the occasion with whatever face it needs to remain self preserved.  You may say I don’t have any pride because I am a failure.  But, even in that statement pride remains because you have concluded that pride and failure are enemies.  But nothing could be far from the truth.  Many of us stay in a cycle of failure because we have agreed that it is better to be a victim of circumstance and character than to be an overcomer through accepting the responsibility of actions or lack there of.

Dont let FEAR run your life…. Fear is False Events Appearing Real! Fear says it’s protecting you when it is actually paralyzing you! What if’s? should be Why not’s?

Dont let FEAR run your life…. Fear is False Events Appearing Real! Fear says it’s protecting you when it is actually paralyzing you! What if’s? should be Why not’s?.

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