Monthly Archives: October 2018

The discovery and knowledge of GOD is a constant force on our journey. We are constantly turning over new rocks and seeing things we never have seen or knew before on our path. God is not a religion and does not belong to anyone or any religion. The more we allow ourselves to investigate, explore and venture into the reality that God IS! God can be everywhere and everything. The Bible is a guide not an alibi. God speaks! God has spoken! Do you hear? Can you see? We can trust God, trust Gods words but, God cannot be held hostage to anyone’s idea. Telling God what to do because we think we are entitled doesn’t work. That’s like trying to command the sea and the wind because you hold a compass standing on a ship? I have found that God is Infinite and mysterious. The more I dig into this garden of the Creator called Life, the more I can see that I can only confront and remove my blindness by acknowledging my entitlements, letting go of the rules and regulations and accepting myself and God ( with all my questions ). The more I realize the less I know or understand!!! God is wonder leading us into the unknown. The more we seek we find ourselves climbing into a well only to fall into the ocean. I must confess that this journey starts out wanting to apprehend God but, ends in only being apprehended. What you allow yourself to see without fear will lead you away from everything you understand. It is here in this place where you will experience God as a vast Universe. All the ” things or places” we consider or call sacred are for ” us”. Places of connection and doorways not, appointments, meetings or rituals. Don’t be afraid to follow what you believe beyond the restraints of fear that others call ” safe, appropriate and theologically correct”. This is your path – if where you are isn’t working then it only makes sense to keep traveling. You are not doing anyone including God service by sitting in a tree that bears fruit that others gather. Have you gathered any fruit? Maybe it’s time to find a basket and go seeking beyond the tree.


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