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Our lives take many different courses, turns, changes and purposes during our life time. One may begin to feel when looking back over their life in reevaluating their path that because of these abrupt and sometimes subtle changes that maybe one made a wrong turn somewhere. It is easy to believe that the path to our Divine destiny is one straight course of intention but, in this reality is very far from the truth.
In a society where we are focused on the end results, the superstars and the great achievers we can easily get the wrong idea about what a true journey can look like. In fact, it is very easy to become disappointed, depressed and even despondent about our lives if we focus on this perception. The truth is that nature mimics and mirrors our lives and there is much to learned, gained and even followed from the power of nature.
I recently took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park and the night before I went to the park, I had a dream that I was going to be given a gift from the park. Now I call these Divine appointments and the “gift” is always a unexpected surprise. Most of the gifts that I receive are very directional, confirmational or inspirational wisdom that pertain to my life now or near future. To make a long story short, when I went to the park, I was led to experience two exceptional things. The first was a very large smooth stone that looked as if it had been skillfully carved out as a seat. I climbed up into the stone seat and I immediately felt the power of giving birth and an ancient presence that connected me to the nature of birth and its process from conception to birth. Looking out over the desert field I could see thousands of Joshua Trees in bloom with their beautiful white “moon spheres” flowering as they extended from the long pointy arms of each tree. It was quite breathtaking, and I felt like I was looking at people instead of trees all rejoicing in the power of birth and its connection to each other and all things.
I went to leave the park and as I was walking along the path, I came across a gorgeous large Joshua Tree bloom that had bent over and was touching the ground. I went to inspect this anomaly closer and as I touched the bloom it fell out into my hands. It was the strangest feeling, I felt like the tree had given birth to life and had delivered this mysterious profound power into my hands. The bloom was soft and yet solid it was one of the most unusual feelings I had felt. So here was the “gift” in my hands, this astounding gift of life from a Joshua Tree and the message it brings with it would prove to be profound spiritually.
The unusual trees hold such deep profound wisdom and like so many things in nature they each of their story. Each branch twisting and turning in multiple directions many times. From a distance you can see why many have found them to be symbolic of Joshua’s discovery of the promise land and raising his hands to heaven in worship to the Creator.
The Joshua Tree is not a common tree and where it is found they exist together as if they were their own tribe. In the Joshua Tree National Park in California these trees were discovered as the Mormons were travelling west during the 19th century, in search of the promise land and when they came upon these desert fields filled these unusual striking trees with their bright flowering blooms at the end of each stem they appeared to them to be signs from heaven showing the act of Joshua in the Bible when he reached the promise land and raised his hands to God in worship. Can you imagine thousands and thousands of these powerful trees all standing on a dry desert floor each with branches uplifted to heaven?
So, as I began to study this Joshua Tree bloom that was my “gift” I meditated and prayed to receive Divine inspiration as to its value for my life and my journey. What I would discover and what this powerful natural tarot would reveal to me would be the very thing I needed to know.

The unusual branching formations of the Joshua Tree, featuring pronounced twists and turns, is related to its most predominant healing characteristic. These branches are attached to a very solid trunk that has taken many decades to grow in order to be capable of creating one bloom. It starts out as a stem and juts straight up being protected by a “nurse plant”. Surrounded by soft leaves and eventually the leaves prepare for the bloom by becoming very hard and each ending in a very shar needle point. These strong pointed needles protect the blooming flower from any outward forces that might inhibit its growth. What is the true mystery is that there is no age or growth characteristic that can be seen from the outside that could reveal its “time” to bloom. It the mystery of this beautiful tree to bring forth its life when the stem has reached a certain level of maturity that is unknown to man.
In this way, the tree speaks of our souls’ characteristics that we also begin or growth and spiritual journey through an inward mystery. Each soul is highly definitive in its very own growth and characteristics of timing. As each hefty branch represents each of our journey in or life can only bring to fruition one beautiful mysterious bloom and then the tree must start growing a new branch in a different direction to bring forth a new bloom. The old bloom will die and the new bloom through the power of its journey will bring a new life again in a new way. This is the life process of this mysterious tree and speaks to our soul to understand that we have many journeys and even purposes at different times in our lives. Each stem representing each journey is apart of the growth process of our soul leaving behind what does not serve us any longer and turning in a new direction and beginning again. As we get older and our soul travels, we will experience many twists and turns that will lead us in totally different directions. This does not mean that you are lost, or that you have failed in some way and must start over multiple times and it does not mean that your soul does know its path. The Source is the power of intention in Creating these new branches that are connected to our destiny. So, if you are feeling that because life has made abrupt turns in many different directions throughout life or even at this time, understand that this is part of the process of your soul’s journey and growth. The flower essence from this tree gives a remarkable strength to the soul to turn toward its future. Each time the bloom births and dies it signifies that nothing in our lives last forever and that there will be times when you will watch “dreams” die only to give way to the future birth of new dreams, new paths and more beautiful fruit. I think if more people understood the power of the soul and its growth process in our lives, we would not be so confused about changes. The soul is very agile, adaptable and highly creative ad when we learn the creative power of the soul, we can tap into the power of its intention and manifestation. The expression of individuality within the soul, is always a process of coming to be, involving a dynamic of turning from the past, in order to achieve a new orientation.
The flowering of any plant always involves extraordinary receptivity to new cosmic forces. As well, as being attuned and connected to the cosmic law’s nature understanding the changes of the vibrations of the life and death cycle. But in the case of Joshua Tree, this activity is both a culmination and a new beginning. Once the flowers appear on a branch, it can no longer continue growing. The plant must seek a completely new direction. This unique flowering signature is the central distinguishing quality of the Joshua Tree.
At the point of flowering the blossoms are full, white and luscious – like moon spheres, whose light they so readily reflect. And yet these “soft” flowers evoke from the plant a new moment of exceptional force and strength, as the plant then orients in a new direction. With each of these conversions, the Joshua Tree develops its striking shape and individual expression.
This same dynamic is also true of the human soul. We are not born as free individualities. Instead we emerge from the cultural milieu of our family, race, community, and nation. Only gradually do we find the strength to create from our own center, and from within our own unique expression of individuality. This process involves an integration of what is receptive to the past, and yet also firmly capable of creating the soul’s own future. This can be seen in the resemblance of the growth of the stem of the tree growing as power of that we have been taught by others and sooner or later on our soul journey we must turn away. Joshua Trees have life spans approaching half a millennium or more. The elder trees reveal a remarkable history of how the tree has grown. Each branch end represents a past flowering culmination; each twist and turn a new direction once taken. The past is ever present, yet the future potential remains for another new initiative, and new beginnings that seem so familiar to us and discover or own truth, ideas and paths in life.
Joshua Trees have life spans approaching half a millennium or more. The elder trees reveal a remarkable history of how the tree has grown. Each branch end represents a past flowering culmination; A new soul journey. Each twist and turn a new direction once taken. The past is ever present, yet the future potential remains for another new initiative, and new beginning. The soul is the power of the presence of “NOW”, it is constantly in a state of intake and outtake. It is the observer of every moment of our lives and does not adhere to any laws of linear time. Time is not an element in the power of the soul it has the power to travel if necessary through not what we “ think” is our memory, but it actually the source of a library of files that can be pulled at any moment to recall the actuality of our life in real time if necessary. The power of our soul is like a deep well and the further down you lower the bucket, the further you will go because we are eternal, and we are connected to the Creator. The soul is very diversified and can carry out a multitude of actions at once being connected cosmically to the Universe, and to or consciousness on deep mysterious levels and to be influenced by the collective consciousness

From the point of view of the soul, we can consider the image of the “family tree.” It is rare to belong to a family tree that is composed entirely of vibrant, healthy individualities. Instead, we can speak of “generational karma” that is passed through the collective psychic reality of the group soul. This soul condition is described in many spiritual teachings – for example, in the Bible as those “sins that are visited unto the third and fourth generations” (Exodus 20:5). It is only by becoming a free individuality that each person can break the links of generational karma, thereby healing not only the individual soul, but eventually liberating the psychic condition of the entire family tree. We are not prisoners of our family generational attributes, and we can create new behaviors, lives and outcomes. Our soul will teach us how to find our soul’s voice, or soul’s song and we will come to the revelation that we are all unique unencumbered souls who are free to create our lives. The power of “Karma” lies only in the repeated cycles of patterns that are not broken, energies that have become stuck in a state of repetitive negative cycles, and when one is not able to release themselves from these unproductive states that no longer are connected to the continual flow of the Universe and Creator.
From this point of view, we can understand why the Joshua Tree is so intimately connected to the forces of the moon, with large, waxy white-green flowers emanating their sweet fragrance in the moon-suffused night, accompanied by the pollinating activity of the Pronuba moth. The moon is a regulator of conception and birth mysteries, clearly experienced in the body of every woman.
From an esoteric point of view, the Moon (not the physical planet but the spiritual dimension of the Moon) is the lodge where souls live before coming to birth on earth. In this sense the Moon is also a container for those “night-time” forces which cannot yet clearly be seen by the soul – what is regarded in Jungian archetypal psychology as the collective unconscious. Also, in Native American beliefs the moon is the “mother” and is very connected to women and the power of birth. The moon understands the Divine creative forces that dwell within a woman’s body to create, nourish and carry a new life bringing that life into this world from the other. This is very symbolic of our soul conceiving, creating, nourishing, carrying and birthing our dreams and destiny with each new path, with each new bloom.
Going deeper into the elements of conception and the soul we will find even deeper mysteries. Through the moon sphere a bridge is built into the astral field of the potential mother and father at the moment of conception. The soul cannot come from the Moon sphere without incorporating the psychic field of its mother and father. By traversing this field, the incarnating soul also then takes on the generational karma that lives in the blood of its ancestors.

The path of liberation and enlightenment for the soul is to awaken to its own individuality and to make choices that are not condemned or conditioned by the past. From this point of freedom, the soul gains compassion to understand, and to heal, rather than unconsciously participate in the residue of karma that is passed within the family tree. This is the great gift of the Joshua Tree Flower Essence.
The message within this mystery is:
The hidden contact with the psychic world of our Generational Tree is not perceived, even though it is present in each moment. Joshua Tree allows us to find it. This essence will clean family patterns that are sclerotic and obsolete, that darken the soul, forcing us to drag a negative karma originating from our ancestors. Joshua Tree will help us be reborn with a higher level of consciousness and a joyful hope for a new beginning.
As the Tree reveals we must learn to not despise past journeys or experiences knowing that or path is not set in one long linear line but, as the soul leads us, we are creating an individual experience, like a fingerprint. Our lives are not based on far we go in one direction but, to understand that everything happens for a reason. Every twist and every turn are there inscribed on or soul giving to s and bearing witness of our spiritual growth.
Its not the unusual to experience having the experience of beginning again or starting over this is the impulsive directional path of the multifaceted soul that is connected to the powerful moon giving birth to many new dreams and destinies throughout our lives.IMG_1289



I felt led to write this for those who are in need of healing today.  Those who have lost their idea, hoe and belief in Love.  May the words wash over you opening your soul up to receive a new moment of healing discovery.

How did we forget what love is? There was a time when we were unblemished by the tracks of our tears. Our eyes could see into the soul of Love with such passion that we didn’t even notice time passing by us, like a wind rushing between our lips. When did our eyes stop seeing all those beautiful colors that pierced through our hearts like the sun when it reflects through a thousand crystals? Why did we stop believing in Love? What happened to that totally surrendered heart we gave? Our trust in Love was deeper than the ocean and was as immovable as a mountain. When did Love and Trust slip away from each other without even saying “good-bye”?
Oh Love, you are like my child that I use to carry in my loving arms and then one day without any warning or announcement I put You down because you were too heavy. I watched You take your first steps, never realizing that every step would be a step further away until one day you walked out the door. If I had known Love that the moment when I would put You down would be the last time, I would have held you so close to my heart until the tears came and the pain would make me surrender under the weight of a deep unforgettable sorrow.
I can reminisce of the days we held hands running through meadows of flowers and the sun filled our hearts with song. The nights when we would hold each other all night and the tender touch we would share. Oh’ how I miss your sweet soft kisses Love and how You would hold me just right making me feel I was the only one in the world. Could we make time stand still one more time Love?
Everything we had felt new and everything we did was a beginning to experience together. We never looked behind us Love we were too enthralled in the moments we were creating. Now where are all the moments? Oh’ Love what happened to Us? Where can I go to find all the lost moments? Tell me and I will run swiftly through the fires that I see behind us to retrieve every one of them.
My mind was filled with thoughts of Love, even while I lay sleeping against your body Love you filled my dreams with laughter and hope. Thoughts of Love now come and go but, each time they come with words that I wish I could forget. Like a deaf Poet the words of Love are like a sad comedy whispering in my memory the refrains of yesterday and the promises of empty tomorrows. It is a mystery to me how Love changed Its mind so quickly thinking at one time We were perfect and now Love only sees the cracks, scars and bruises left behind.
Oh’ Love how I miss you! My mind is jaded, and I want to find you but, I don’t know if I could endure another act in this unfortunate deaf play. So, I go through each day looking for You but, Love I can only find you in my memory. Like a ghost You are there in my daydreams but, once awake I only hear the chains of the pain dragging in my heart and echoes of a voice that I use to know.
Love please come and carry me out of here and take me with You wherever you go. I am lost without You and all these years have caught up with me. Carry me back in to the sunlight where it is warm, and all is beautiful and true. I despise this dark room that I have now found myself in with Love sitting across from me staring in the distance so very far away. Maybe I can sing that song, you know the on that we called “ours” and you will dance with me again Love? Will you?
I reach for you in the night and You are not there any longer. I call your Name Love but, You don’t respond with words that would always make me smile. Now Your tone has changed, and the precious words have faded into cold indifference. Honestly Love are you happy? Tell me the truth Love can’t you see what has happened? They say Love is blind but, I never thought you were blind to me. Can you see me Love?
Where is the medicine? The antidote? The antivenom for this fatal bite before my heart turns into stone and I forget Love forever.IMG_0052 I have been sick for a very long time without any diagnosis, just pain and now I can see the wound. Heal me Love! Only You can heal the wound that Love has impaled into this heart of mine. Heal me Love! Without You everything fades to black and white my sight longs to see the beauty of colors once again. Heal me Love! Sing to me the song that only “we” know and let the words back into this blind starving soul.. Heal me Love! Without You life is lonely, and everything is grey without any distinction of true value. Heal me Love!
Heal me Love!
Heal me Love!

written by Sonya Kay Spellerberg

@skswisdomology 2019

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