Great things come from great obstacles!!!!
You can’t change the past but, you can give your best to the NOW!
You can change the future!
Your past cannot harm NOW it’s only the meaning and energy you give it NOW!
Stop giving your past your focus and attention.
It’s these things that you give focus and attention to that attract more of it to yourself NOW!
Take away its power over you…
Don’t be a victim of life!
Don’t be a prisoner to your past!
It’s OVER! It’s GONE!
Make a commitment to your life to be the best you can be NOW and don’t fall into regret!
You get one chance! That’s it!
Are you really going to allow your past keep you in the passengers seat of your life?
Look back to this day in a few years and say this is when I began my new life!!!!!!!
When I decided that if I made it through all those obstacles and I am here I must have a purpose! My life means something! I have something to give!

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