Karma is a strange fellow ….. very unpredictable, creative and has a lethal memory! Karma is not in hurry and moves at its own pace! You almost wonder if Karma is lost or will ever catch up with the payback train!
But, Karma does not care what you want or even what you think! Karma has its own plans!!!!!
So be careful when it comes to Karma because just because you think Karma should deliver what you think it should to someone else …. It very well may show up at your doorstep because you keep calling it !
Focus on something else!
It’s a waste of your energy of life to keep tabs or an account of wrong doings!
That’s Gods job!
Don’t judge others until you have walked a mile in their shoes and even then be careful!!!!!! There are many judges and Karma is not one of them.
God is the Judge!
Karma doesn’t care if it’s you who wishes bad on others or others doing bad to you…
In Karmas eyes it’s all the same! Like energy attracts like energy!
It doesn’t think about who deserves what like a Payback Santa Claus!
The only way out of the Karna game is to forgive …. Or you f that seems too hard to do then just be quiet!
Don’t feed it!
God is watching ! God is the only judge! God does not need a jury!
God does not need your opinions!
So be quiet!
Let God have your grievances and your opinions ……
God is more than capable and certainly knows what is best!
Can you find peace with that?
If not, you are still in the Karma game!

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