Bandaged heartI have been really digging deeper into my SELF and I realize that as I do I have become so sensitive to others energies. The thing that has astounded me is that I have found is that there are so many people who are walking around with broken, cracked, bruised hearts. Hearts that are crying, screaming, and ever so silent. As I look into their hearts it’s as if I was looking in a book with pages missing, ripped out… pages that are empty….pages that where the ink has ran and isn’t legible from tears and even stains of blood… so many broken hearted people in this world. It is the number one problem I can sense. Should life do this if we live long enough? Obviously, we can’t out run a broken heart? Where is the medicine or doctor? They would say love ❤️ can cure it! But, although love may help the broken hearted write new pages, it does not seem to have the power to remove the old pages. So many broken hearted people…. it does not mean that they are going around crying and in despair. Actually, there seems to be this abnormal numbing dissociative power that keeps these people from really feeling the pain. Yet…. broken hearted. Do you have a broken heart? I am not saying you are going through some traumatic event – you could be or maybe it has happened already. Maybe it has happened so many times in the past and because we did not know how to heal – we just skipped out and “ let it go”? Yet,that is not how you heal a broken heart! Who would you be right now if you had never had your heart broken? If you could heal your heart ❤️ just think who you would be now. I realized by seeing all these broken hearts everywhere I realize that even I suffer from this condition. You may know, it is having those empty spaces in your heart and even late at night if you lay quietly in bed you can sense them. You can even hear a broken heart if you can get quiet enough. I think it’s time to heal our hearts….. this kind of healing comes from within. Are you ready?


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