What kind of death is this? To be pierced by so many arrows of love only to find oneself bleeding to death ever so slowly. This is the most inhumane of murders! The most silent, vicious and hidden of crimes! I gave love everything I thought I could give but, love was never satisfied until I gave it my tears. The pain of being consumed by love and devoured by sorrow is the repetitious feast of beasts. To wound you to the point of a mortal blow and then bandage your heart long enough to heal to withstand another blow. What confounds me is that love always wears a mask so I never really know what love looks like, I truly have never even seen loves face. So many masks and each one is so beautiful that how could one refuse a dance? I have heard that true love does not even exist! I can only say that I know it has existed in my heart because of the pain I have come to know. The true question is not if love exists? The true question is will it live? They say more battles have been fought over God this is true and nothing has created Scars

more pain than love. If you still don’t believe in love just look at my scars … they don’t lie!    skswisdomology@2019

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