Soul Exploration: Going Deeper

Soul Exploration: going deeper

When exploring our soul we must find our unique point of connections that are powerful to our soul. We are all energy and our energy speaks to the energy that mirrors our soul. Some maybe water, desert, rocks, forests, mountains, etc… it is the place where you will find you silence, song and peace. In our search of this soul exploration we will sense after connecting with the Source, Mother Earth, God, Spirit, Our Guides and Ancestors that those feelings and issues that do not vibrate with our authentic energy rising up into our minds creating conflict. It is then we must decide how we must cleanse ourselves from this to stayed connected. To let go, to accept, to change or to walk away from …. our soul is our perfect guide on our journey to our awakening, enlightenment and to our true authentic identity. If you find yourself in this situation you will endure conflict within your mind and heart. It is here the battle must be won in order you can move deeper m. Releasing the energy that slows you down is imperative. If you find yourself here take your time sink into the conflict and allow your soul to work through the battle and it will show you the way. Your soul holds the map to your journey.

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