Alignment is the Key

If you intently listen you will hear not necessarily with your eyes but, with your heart. The things we seek can only truly be found and realized by the heart. The heart is not just an organ that pumps blood but, they have actually concluded that a heart also has a mind. It’s the first thing that forms in the womb and it is out of your heart you are formed. To find a beautiful balance in our lives our hearts, minds, actions and words need to be aligned. It is when this happens that the creative force and power of synchronicity shows up around us and we have changed our vibration to a sound that attracts this manifesting power and we can interpret what our heart dreams of and our soul continually sings. If want to change your life you can do it from the outside in or you can do it from the inside out. It is when we commit to raising our internal and energetic vibration that all things become possibilities and problems become solutions. It isn’t easy to align you mind, heart, words and deeds it takes strength of will. Emotions don’t like supervision and will play havoc in this transformative process. It is at this time you must step out of the picture and become the observer allowing the emotion to pass. We are not our emotions although, they are apart of our makeup. Emotions are flighty and can be false. Waking up in the morning begin affirming the Godness in you. Look in the mirror and say it out loud. I AM …. Today will be…. I WILL…. I agree and connect my intentions to God and the Universe to open doors for me and lead me forward supernaturally. Remember we are what we project within. Pay attention to your internal conversations and keep returning to your sacred space of Godness. It is here that the power of momentum will be created and you will begin to sense a transforming energy.



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