I think success cannot be measured by money, possessions or status. Success is measured by achievement, overcoming against the odds and how your life affects others lives in a positive way. It’s not a “ state” it is an action that requires fortitude, strength, integrity, faith, love and sacrifice. There are many criminals and evil people who have money, possessions and status. Some were that way from the beginning and some were created on the road to their idea of “ success”. We all like money – who doesn’t? But never sell your soul ( your life) to chase something that can cost you exactly what your searching for. Every person has unique challenges and sacrifices. Everyone wakes up everyday facing their challenges and their attempts to overcome them to be a stronger person. What one person takes for granted another wishes for. Life is not cookie cutter, success is not money and happiness can only be found in being grateful. The simplest thing you may do today maybe the most challenging for another. It maybe even their “ success” story for their day. Sometimes I think it is good to have a reality check, attitude adjustments and reevaluate our blessings. It is a wonderful thing to see a person who has struggled to overcome the odds and reach their goals, or even grow past them into greatness! It is this person who will always be successful! ( that includes money( because money is attracted to an overcomers passion), possessions ( if they so choose), and status ( because they are a symbol that anyone can do it it- if they just put their mind to it)! Don’t discount the smallest acts- what one takes for granted another desires! Pay attention!

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