Emotional Hostage

It’s alright to be damn angry! Stop holding in your emotions!

It is about time you honor your emotions ! The dark and the light, the good and the bad, the shadow of whot you are and are not!

Free yourself from the silent strangulation of control!

If your angry… yell!

If your sad….. cry!

If your afraid…. Scream!

If your happy…. Laugh

How can you expect to be healthy mentally and physically if you live your life everyday strangling yourself!

What a cost there is for such solemn strength!

This is not the strength your soul yearns for…. This is the deep wounds of betrayal to yourself! To your psyche!

Are you sad? Cry!

Don’t allow your soul to be riddled with numbness covered with scars that alter your awareness of any feeling!

Cry! Scream! Laugh! Yell! Curse!

Break the hardness of the settled pain

Shatter the illusion of the lie that you are strong by, being weak!

Strength does not come from being inauthentic or silent!

Do not let anyone steal your voice!

Do not let anyone steal your tears!

Your laughter!

Your opinion!

Your dreams!

Your feelings!

It is time to take back your power and restore your soul!

Stop considering others over yourself! Maybe they are not worth it…. Maybe they don’t care unless you stay quiet!

Don’t be a fool ……

Your soul is gasping for a breath ….


Free yourself….. No one is coming to save you!

You have the key!

Let the hostage out!

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