You cannot reason with unreasonable people
You cannot talk logically to an illogical mind
You cannot express honest emotions to a emotionally unstable individual
You cannnot be honest with those who lie
You cannot trust someone who talks about others behind their backs when they are not around
You cannot expect someone to be generous because they have money … generosity doesn’t come from the wallet it comes from the heart!
You cannot expect gratitude from anyone who displays selfishness
You cannot look for loyalty In someone who is constantly judgmental
You cannot find compassion in a critical heart
You cannot find a true friend in fair weather
Only storms create them!
You cannot believe you are always right
Agree to disagree
You cannot believe you are always wrong
Agree to disagree
You cannot concede to ownership
You will eventually find yourself a slave
You cannot believe someone is telling the whole truth most likely they are telling the truth they know
You cannot give permission to just anyone or everyone
Permission like respect should be earned or granted
You cannot be close to a person who burns others
A fire does not have any discretion
You cannot find humility in someone who tells you they are humbled
You cannot stop people from continuing to harm you unless you make them apart of your past
You cannot get rid of the memories but, you can get rid of the pain
You cannot listen to everything you hear
Know when to turn off the “ sound”
You cannot be labeled unless you pin it on yourself
You cannot understand what I have written unless you have been through it all!

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