God please give me the strength and help to say good bye…. It has taken its toll on me in every way! But… My body can not handle it anymore. I cannot control or understand why others would create so much pain for me. But, I have tried and I must stop letting the pain rob me of my life, my joy and my health. It wasn’t my choice to do this – it was the only thing i can do to survive. My love will always be there but, I must accept their choices that they don’t need to have what I need. I have done all I can do … Please fill my emptiness with what is helpful for me. I need to for my heart to get better I cannot wait any longer feeling this pain. I hope I can learn to forgive what was taken from me. Too many tears, too much pain, and I have done my best. Time tells all I put this matter in Your hands. The truth is in Your hands. I must now become someone new, I must leave not just my past behind….. But I must say ” Good Bye” until one day those who I love may be changed.
I want to live!

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