These Old Shoes!

These Old Shoes

I was cleaning out my closet when I came across these old shoes and was was just about to throw them in the trash. But, something stopped me as I looked at them, I sensed a weird feeling come over me. As I looked at these old beat up shoes I started to remember all the places they carried me. All the nicks, scratches, wear and stains each one held a moment of time in my life. I have had these shoes for years they were my favorite because they were comfortable and easy to put on. Staring at them I was reminded of all the trips they went on, the streets they walked in NYC, places around even the world, the dancing they must have done, the stairs they climbed and how I wore them to leave and come to places in my life. I know it must sounds strange but, I just began to feel like I was throwing out an old friend. I know they are just a pair of shoes!!!!! But, to me they are so much more they hold a history of my life that could easily be forgotten by another pair. The deep imprints of my very toes pressed into the leather- those are MY toes that did that! I wore these shoes when I said my last good byes to loved ones and I wore them to see the first moments of those who were just born. Those nicks probably could have happened while running away from something , leaving home or running to something I wanted. Maybe the spots are from places I went with family and friends to eat and share good times. I know they are just an old pair of shoes but, to me? They are part of my story. I lost so much of my life, I sold most everything that I loved and I don’t even have too many pictures of my past. So maybe that’s why these old shoes struck me! I think I will keep these old shoes and in fact, I think I will sign them, date them and write a little something on them. Tuck them away in a box and one day they will be found. I will cherish these shoes just to remind me that these were never just an old pair of shoes! No! These shoes carried me on a very long journey.

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