The Mystery of Your Broken Heart

Sometimes your heart gets broken quickly, without any warning whatsoever
and then sometimes it is a slow extremely painful process that happens like someone chipping away at your soul with a chipping hammer
But, one thing you can count on in this life is that your heart will be broken.
How sad it is to see a happy child playing in the sun without a care in the world
to know even as their parent that one day – that sad day will come to them
and there is nothing you can do to prevent it
It’s the same as having to teach your children that there is evil in the world
What’s even more soul stirring is to know that once you have experienced that deep immense power of the heart being broken and finding your way back on solid ground where the sun shines you will learn the meaning of ” this too shall pass” and that you will smile again
what we learn as we live is that it will surely come again
in fact, it will happen many times
how can it be that something so life altering and painful is never taught to us at the dawn of life
It is only something we can truly learn from experiencing ourselves anyway,
and once we have then we can relate to those who have been broken too
but, until it happens to us personally
when we see those who are going through it we think of their weakness and pity
Oh, woe is that day when we awake to the sword of its pain and sorrow then we understand its piercing power and taste our tears
My heart has been broken so many times that I wonder how it ever can heal
but, it does and each time it changes, it never remains the same
the scars carry great wisdom that I would never have known except through this powerful experience
each time, deeper and deeper the words are engraved in my soul
” laughter is fleeting, bliss is lived only in moments, pain is inevitable and suffering teaches us to search for hope”
embracing the pain is the quickest path to healing. Embracing love is so divine and yet, we never see the sword it carries
embrace the sword and one will learn
” love is the conscience of the heart and it will always surrender itself to the sword just to drink loves passion – even for a day”

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