What Is Love?

Who can say they understand love? It is as elusive as the air you breath and yet, as solid as stone. You can’t see it and yet, you can feel it. You can’t touch it and yet, you know when it’s arrived or left. Everyone has an idea of what love is but, no one’s idea is the same. Love has many faces and many names. Yet… It as simple as a hug at the right moment… A smile at any given time… and the touch of a hand. How powerful is this mystery we call love it has conquered kings and emperors and even made the greatest warriors surrender their swords. Yet, no one has ” seen” it… No one can ” catch” it and no one can ” buy” it. But, if you have found ” it” you have found the most precious of all commodities of heaven and earth combined. In fact, love finds you because the more you look for it the harder it is to find. Never play hide and seek with love it is a losers game. The only way to get ” love” is to give it away. Give away what you may or may not think you have. Give away what you are searching for. Yes! Love is a great mystery! @sks2017

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