Are you awake?
Are you sure ?
Are you facing who you are ?
Have you seen yourself as the observer?
Does who you think you are resonate with others?
What if you discovered you were not awake?
What if you are experiencing your life in a state of self induced slumber to silence the words you don’t want to hear and blindness to keep you from seeing the things you do not want to see?
How would you know if you are in a state of delusion? Would you believe it if anyone told you ? Would you even entertain it if it could bring about the ability to grasp that part of yourself that eluded you that only you know?
What if you woke up and found that years have been spent living in a slumber?
Would you feel betrayed? Sad? Angry?
How would you know?
Unless some powerful unseen force brought you to the place of no return and gave you a glimpse?
Who would you be awake?
What would you do?
Are you comfortable?
Do you feel that you have reached a place where your past has taught you how to live in your present and predict your future?
What if I told you the past does not exist?
Only in your mind!
What if your past is wrong?
What if the way you believe about your past is distorted?
What if you don’t know?
If you say immediately “ No!”
Then you may be defensive to protect your realization that is not willing to be put to the test!
Being asleep is comfortable and we do not want to be disturbed!
It’s disturbing isn’t it? To think that you could be asleep while you are awake!
It’s disturbing when you feel that all that you have learned and gathered may need to be reevaluated.
Are you disturbed by this idea?
What if I told you that when wake up everything changes! You change!
The world changes!
You see what could not see
You hear what you could not hear
You have become conscious
It is sad you live your live in a dream and never know
Never realize that you can wake up
Are you awake?
There are many things that could cause you to slumber your soul
Grief, anger, betrayal, disappointment, loss, rage, depression, sadness, abuse, loneliness, control, trauma, ……. etc… etc…..
It is easy fir many see others who seem to be in a slumber and yet, we may think we are awake?
Seeing others in a state does not mean you are on the outside looking in
It could mean you are very well on the inside observing
You may say, “ I know myself!”
I say “ What if you think you do but, are still asleep?”
You can only wake up if you start to ask “ Am I asleep?”

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