The Sacrifice of Tears

The Sacrifice of Tears

Don’t give away your tears

for those who do not deserve them

Others will steal them away if you are not careful !

My child, don’t you understand the power of your tears?

It is so much easier to laugh or smile

But, crying is not like that

It takes much more to cry!

Crying takes so much courage.

We’re you taught that crying was a bad thing or something to avoid ?

Pain is unavoidable but, it is not evil

Pain creates room for My Spirit to come in and transform it into something beautiful l, if you allow

Why would you do that and what a great struggle within to fight the power of tears from flowing

It is a gift from Me to you

It is natural and healing

Tears will wash away the ashes from the altar of sacrifice

Let it go!

It’s not ugly, weak, pitiful, or even useless to cry

It is one of the most beautiful acts of love you have been given

Don’t let anyone or anything tell you something different !

Crying is so beautiful and just the sound of a tear drop can silence angels

What kind of prayers are these?

What sound is this that flows from your soul?

Angels long to know!

Open up the flood gates My child and let it go

Let the river of poetic Divine silence flow freely

I hear you!

I understand every tear

It is not a useless act

It is a sacrifice of truth and love to be recognized

Don’t let anyone steal your tears

Don’t let your heart turn cold or become hard like stone

Water your soul!

It is these priceless tears that create masterpieces on My garden

Springtime where there is a harsh brutal lWinter

Light where there is darkness

Fire where there is ice

Life where there is death

How beautiful is this sacrifice of tears?

Can you capture the sunset and put it in a bottle?

Can you put the sea into a well?


Of course not!

Then how could I tell you in any language you could understand or music that could move your soul how beautiful they are?

Don’t let anything take your tears away

It is your precious tears that draw Me so close to your soul!

This is the door that is always open

This is the power that moves mountains and casts them into the sea

There is not a single thought or word that contains the eternal qualities of your tears

Cry! My child ……

Let us speak with one another face to face


The Mystery

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