Let GO of YOUR Ego’s Greed!

Clinging to the past and grasping for the future is the act of the most negative of self centered greed. If we could only see neither exist and what you are holding onto is only weighing down your mind with imaginary baggage. All we own is NOW! Now is a breath, a heartbeat and the feeling of being alive. See the past for what it is …. too small! Like an adult attempting to put back on their childhood garments. See the future for what it is … too big! How can you possibly grasp something that holds you, like the Universe holds the stars? It is your ego that desires to hold onto your baggage or blind ambition so that you won’t feel without, by honoring your failure or success. In this way, we think we are creating who we are but in reality, we are only detracting from what we are. Stop worrying about what you are suppose to do and learn to be centered on who You are being. It is in “ being” we not seek our purpose, but create it. If we spend our time looking for everything we will never find it. It is not in the seeking of knowledge but, the discovery of who we are that we reach our Divine purpose and inherit our Divine inheritance. The world is full of seekers…. be a “ doer”’.

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