You have outgrown the cocoon that use to be a comfortable familiar home …. You have freed yourself from that which felt so constricting and yet, safe … You thought you had lost yourself in all these intense struggles…..but these events actually were the very thing that taught you how to fly. They transformed you! There is no way to put the butterfly back into the cocoon …. It has transformed you into that which use to be earthly and shallow into that which flies high above what we use to see. Freedom comes when we transform from one perspective to another. It’s not that everything around us changes, as much as we change and our vision is renewed. When we truly accept our struggles as Divine teachers instead of pain taskmasters we can see the bigger picture. But, until we start to accept we cannot see. It doesn’t work the other way around. So let it be so! Then you can bow gracefully to that which you thought would destroy you knowing it was the very thing that gave you exactly what you were seeking, you just never understood the process, the price or the plan.

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