It’s one thing to overthink and it’s another to experience the unpredictable brutal terrorist in your head. You may know what I am talking about…

You know… the terrifying controlling incognito force that suddenly shows up in your mind whenever it chooses and terrorizes you throwing fear bombs and starting anxiety fires. Blasting away at your mind with their fully automatic bullet onslaught of negative thoughts and emotions.

Yes…. there is a terrorist in your head!

How does one deal with such terror?

One thing the terrorist loves is when you have no control! They love to do this by creating a state of panic and flight or flight response. Once they have you in the grip of their control and you have lost yours the battle has just begun.

If you want to disable and expose the terrorist you must first understand the power of control. Having control over your thoughts and emotions affects your physiology and psychology. Once we give the terrorist the reigns to these they can drive us anywhere they want!So you must establish self control to build a blockade to the terrorist. Forms of self controlled behavior are not limited to how we react if this were the case we would not withstand the firepower of the terrorist. Self control must be strengthened and like a muscle built up inside our beings. We must seek out many different positive activities that create boundaries and give us back our power. Boundaries that help us grow and boundaries that withstand the onslaughts. Making oneself stronger physically and healthier is a must for one to take their control back.

Then there is monetary power that is used to disable us and if we are to build a wall against this crippling ailment we need to begin to seek out ways of gaining stability in our lives financially. You cannot gain back your power or control if you are sick, weak or stressed about how to survive. This is a play of survival of the fittest and you must become stronger than the terrorist by taking back their ammunition. No ammo – no firepower!

Once we have gained stability in these areas we will begin to experience less attacks. The terrorist in your head operates in fear and loss. Removing their control over these areas in our life we take back our lives.

Once we have established this foundation we can now begin to build the walls through our recognized efforts of implementing a spiritual resolve. Establishing our connection with the Divine and begin to grow will give us the knowledge that we are not alone. Having a Divine connection as well as making physical ones will insure our communal wellbeing. Sealing up the gaps of loneliness, apathy, depression and sadness is work on our part but, there is power in numbers. No man is an island and we were not created to be alone or a loner. Remove this lone wolf thinking it is not a martyr’s medal of spiritual solitude!

Now we come to the difficult part and this is the past! The open wounds of our mind will act and serve as doorways for the terrorist! We must learn to forgive! This may prove difficult especially if the one you need to forgive does not ask or deserve it. But, it is this act of forgiving the perpetrators of your mind that sets you free. The terrorist if the mind will keep you as a prisoner of war as much as possible and as long as possible if allowed. In reality, the past does not truly exist EXCEPT in your head! So it is through memories, sorrow and pain that the terrorist has found his greatest stronghold. We may never forget but, we must forgive. In this we will understand what letting go truly means. It is not brainwashing by methodology or forgetting. Letting go is restoring balance within by taking the weights of the negative past of the inner scale. Removing the negative from our inner balance by the restoring and healing of our inner wounds. It is in this knowledge we attain our sanity back because we no longer require an answer, a justification or a validation for our negative experiences. We learn to accept the present, let go of the past and expect the future. Remember the only thing that is truly real and exists is NOW! So it is within these sound principles that if we practice we can remove the terrorist of our mind! It is as clear cut approach to freedom although clear, not simplistic. One must set the course to wage war against the tyranny and commit 100% to the battle!

If we truly want to manifest what the Divine has given to us and fulfill our destiny we must come to the complete and full conclusion that until we learn these principles we are fractured and cracked. We, in a sense are broken and can not attain to the power of our full connection to manifest. We must do our part and this is not in just setting our intentions. You can fill the vase up with water but if it is cracked it will never accomplish anything. Intention is the water and it is the power of this inner dialogue and prayer with the Divine/Universe that we use to attract what we ask for that animates our faith and intentions. But, if we have not done these things or are not walking out the path of the principles of wholeness, wellness and stability then we will find it virtually impossible.

This is the beginning of the healing process, the overthrow of the terrorist and the empowering our connection to the Divine. There is so many different aspects to experience along our journey… but first we must take back our minds! START HERE ——->


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