How tired we find ourselves when we realize that our minds are a untamed cohabitation of so many familiar voices we have encountered in our life. The mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the child, the husband, the boyfriend, the friend, the foe, the ex and even traumatic events that our soul has evaluated and now measures everything we do or think against the familiarities of our past events to connect our actions with failure or success. Leaving us without room to grow because Fear becomes the judge that we believe is looking out for us in order we don’t step outside the box again to keep us from encountering pain.

Whew! Just writing it makes me tired! It is in the power of awakening that we understand the only way to freedom, peace and our authenticity is to evict the judges and jury in our head. Once we are left alone in the courtroom of our soul we will hear our souls voice with the gavel of power declare “ not guilty”… free the prisoner!


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  1. Cliff Goodrich

    This is one of your best ratings. You are absolutely 100% on target here. Nice going.

    Cliff Goodrich



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