“You intended me harm ( by actions, deeds and thoughts, wishing unkindness towards my soul and life) but, God intended “ it”, ( those unfortunate events, hardships, life threatening circumstances, jealous thoughts, unkind feelings and evil deeds), for good to accomplish what is being done now, ( for such a time as this and ordered by Divine providence) , the saving of many lives.”

Your darkest moments that have been caused by those who you trusted and loved because of their jealousy and selfishness are not without purpose. God uses the weak things of this world, the most unlikely to confound the wise!

It is the fingerprints of God upon your soul and the shining Light of Spirit that causes serious envy. You may go through your life wondering “ Why have those you have cared for and love have hurt you”, by trying to beat you down and throwing you into the pit. Don’t worry! You may find yourself cut off, feeling lost and far from home but, God is creating you to be the tool that not only saves and changes many lives but, will eventually do the same for those who have wished ill towards you. In fact, the troubles you endure will change you completely and create a gentle greatness within your soul that when God raises you up you will be make you unrecognizable and the test will be “ will you allow the evil intent of others conduct your decisions to save or help those who meant you harm”.

It takes great spiritual understanding and Divine revelation to grasp not just the thought of this but, one must accept the pain as the purpose of God and not the plan of the ill will wishers. They were only tools….. Can you grasp that? Can you accept that? How will you react when you have the power to give the Light of life to those or let them remain in their darkness. Will you bless or curse?

( Gen. 50:20)


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  1. Cliff Goodrich

    I hope you’re not talking about me! I sure as hell never harmed you nor did it ever crossed my mind.

    Cliff Goodrich


  2. Hello..
    So where i can download XEvil program???

    Can’t find any URL.



  3. I am not sure what you are referring to?


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