MOTHER WITH CHILD PAINTINGI am not perfect and I have wandered much. I have learned most of what I know through experience, hard work and mistakes. Everyone learns in their own way it isn’t always about our choices. Sometimes there are many things out of our control. Either way we learn them. When you have your first child you can’t wait for so many things such as… the first step, the first word oh! How wonderful!!! Then as we have more children such as me which was 4. I will always remember that moment when I thought I don’t want to wish my child’s life away to fast anymore. I always wondered when was the last day I held them and what told me not to pick them up again because if I had known I would have held them until my arms couldn’t any longer. Life is our teacher no matter who we or where we are. If we live long enough we will gain wisdom and then wish for youth. They say ” youth is wasted on the young”, maybe it’s true from that perspective but, there is a time and season for everything. A time to appreciate even those things that are our precious memories. In the end it is as it should be the Creator does not make mistakes.

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