I am finding out that most of us are just trying to regather the pieces of our lives . Like a puzzle we just want to find the missing pieces to see the whole picture of who we are and what are lives are about – not necessarily to tread in the past muddying up our minds with negative memories. We all want to have an account for the days of our lives to find peace ad understanding. We want our lives to matter to make sense to us. We have so many unanswered questions. If we let all the pieces go we don’t understand how will we ever see the beautiful whole picture or understand the meaning? Letting something go is good if it is time but, be sure that when letting it go you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Sifting is also a process that is necessary when we are in this place.

Sift before letting go!

No one likes to work on a puzzle for a long time and when it’s finished and we find out there are pieces missing  !!!!! It is a delicate matter letting things go – too many people say it not truly understanding the power and significance of those potent words. Then they wonder why they feel something is missing ?????  

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and go retrieve the pieces we may have thrown out unnecessarily.  Hence we get the term: soul retrieval.  There is always time to go and regather the pieces of your soul…. Time keeps coming and changes everything but, time can’t take away what’s in our soul.                    skswisdomology@2019

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