Isn’t it unusual that we arrive into the world and our first breath we breath is a cry. Obviously, it is due to the doctor making us cry to clear our lungs and breath. No one taught us to cry…. and yet out it comes! Our first experience in this world is painful, cold, disconnected and bright. We come from this dark, warm, safe place connected to our source listening to the beating of a drum and the sound of swishing blood. Think about that! Everyone came from that place!
So we cry and yet, we have to learn to laugh? We aren’t born with the ability to smile and laugh that takes time. We cry for food … We cry to have our diaper changed… We cry because we are tired…. Yet, we haven’t laughed once yet. Not even a real smile. Yet, we our intrigued with the smallest of things. Content to be held. Longing for what was lost. You ever get into a bathtub go under warm water and you will hear your heart, the swishing of your blood and you are as about as close to how you felt or what you heard when you first became. I think there is a strong healing vibration in that sound. I think it is also quite uncanny that almost every culture uses the drum in some way… Beating of the drum. Beating of the heart. The power of our primordial beginning and we don’t even realize it. Smiling is an expression of something pleasant good and laughter is when our emotions release themselves just like crying. To be filled and overflowing is to know the power of true feeling. Whether it be happy or sad. Each has its own way of cleansing our soul. It is when we lack the ability to do either or find ourselves numb that we become disconnected. Think of laughter and crying as your body’s way of connecting and cleansing. We cannot cry forever or laugh forever. But, when it’s the crying time – CRY! When it’s the laughing time – laugh! Maybe you haven’t done either in a long time? Or maybe just laughing ? How different would you be if you could laugh everyday and yet, shed a tear everyday? It is these two expressions that our soul uses to keep us in balance. To raise our vibration and bring us to the place where we find our ” humanness” again. Today find your soul and let the mind take a backseat for a few minutes! Breathe again from the heart!    skswisdomology@2019BABY IN UTERO

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