Life is a series of crescendos like the building of a wave ….. but every wave must break somewhere at sometime releasing all the power of its momentum on some distant sandy shore. Only to retreat back to where it came from in order for the next wave to arrive. Life is also, a series of ups and downs much like the elevator ride and when we share our lives with others we are always stopping at their floors waiting for them to get out and others getting in. People come and people go ….. we never truly arrive anywhere permanently although, we spend our lives in pursuit of going some particular place all the time. So what is all this about?
Life is not about arriving or staying on top of the wave… life is a series of cycles and grasping and letting go. Sooner or later the wave will break and the elevator will reach the top floor only to retreat back down. It isn’t about being on the top floor it’s about knowing when to get off. So many of us are stuck on the elevator of life going up and down… watching people come and go. Just an FYI this is your life !!!!!! Get out of the elevator and when the wave breaks on the shore realize it’s temporary …. everything here is temporary. The thing is so many times you get to decide how temporary or long term Certain events may be and that in itself is a gift. Don’t be afraid of brokenness, loss or pain they will all come to you. As much as you hate these guests accept them and each will leave you with a gift. Reject them and each will leave you with a wound that cannot heal. Hello let me introduce myself….. my name is LIFE and yours is?


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