Beautiful DoorWe want to awaken from the illusion and see a reality that is beyond our comprehension. To let go of our old perceptions about what we believe “ life” should be and encounter a complete psychic change. We are the dreamers and we enter into this conflict of otherworldliness constantly. It is a difficult task to walk with one foot in one world and the other foot in a different dimension. We are constantly being pulled back and forth through a veil of obscurity. How do we learn how to move freely within these two existences without encountering the “ struggle”? Are we to wait for some major epiphany? Or maybe we will acquire enough knowledge that we will learn our way through? It is frustrating to say the least.
The secret lies within yourself to awaken to this connection of power that resides in all things known and unknown. When we realize our “ feelings” are not truthful and what we see is not defined reality we are capable of looking beyond. Look around you right now, what do you see? These things are not separate from you but, connected. We must learn to let go of just observing life and our reality. We must become Creationists and Participants with everything. It is this shift of awareness that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We are constantly creating our lives and those lives around us are affected through our connection so in fact, we are participating with all things in this act of constant creation. We are either drawing higher energy or lower energy from our connection. It is the energy that we attract that we are drawn to. It is the vibrational energy and sound that we are emitting through our awareness that lifts the veil and let’s us see beyond the minds eye. It is as if there is large spinning revolving doors and it is only according to our vibration as to which door we are attuned with that we can move through. Energy spins within and without our psychic body which is much larger than your physical body. This what some consider their “ sacred space” so many times as referred to. Although, our soul bodies can be affected as well, through sickness, depression, and other lower vibrational problems which can cause our magnetic field to shrink and slow down. Our soul body is our magnetic field, it is comprised not of just what you identify with that you can see of yourself. It is a field of energy that contains the particles of the Universe itself. It is here in this field that we are connected to everything and anything we do affects the field. The field is infinite in distance and time and it is the observer, the creationist and participant. This powerful ancient field acts like a holographic mirror. The mirror reacts without bias or feeling towards everything it reflects. Meaning that the Supreme Power we may call God holds this infinite mirror connected to it reflecting through towards us. Have you ever taken a magnifying glass and put under the sun on a sunny day at just the right angle and watch the power of the light ignite a leaf? It’s our vibration which creates this intensity and many factors can play into this such as prayer, faith, gratitude, generosity, love and this list continues. The more we exhibit our higher consciousness the more we attract the power of this holographic mirror like a magnet in our lives. Much like critical mass takes place within an atom bomb which is powerful energy, so does our energy begin to spin faster, concentrating tighter creating a focused intensity within the field and the mirror will begin to be attracted and by focusing more power of this cosmic Universal field to our field. We become powerhouses of energy! We all have felt the presence of someone’s unique intense energy and walked away being affected by it in a positive manner. The power and strength of their field acting as the creationist and participant revs up your field. This is what happens when we attend motivational talks and retreats. After awhile if we cannot maintain that vibrational level ( which many cannot) because it is only a reaction to someone else’s energy in this field, our energy will return to its baseline if no change has truly occurred within the attendants field.
So let’s break this down into a more edible mindful version to help someone who is having vibrational problems. Let’s assume someone is depressed and experiencing disappointment. We must start out on a conscious level before we can alter our field. So we have two doors in front of this person. One door is leads to the “ I can’t” program class and the other door leads to the “ I can” class. Now there are many factors that can pull ones mind down into losing self confidence and becoming negative. Which leads them to choose the “ I can’t” door. But, if that person gets up everyday and chooses to go through that same door according to how they feel they will obviously end up with the same results. This is where a shift must take place and that shift is choosing to change your mind. Why would you do this? Well because we must come to the intelligent conclusion that if we live our lives making decisions based on our feelings we will never achieve our purpose. Our feelings are not truthful and they behave like unsupervised children most of the time. So with that being said, we have choices to make. We must decide to use our reasoning or intuitive knowledge to change our mind, which changes our perception to choose another option. That option would be the “ I can” door because we know the previous door leads basically in a negative cycle. So choosing the “ I can” door has nothing to do with how you feel it has to with what you want. It takes the same amount of energy to walk through either door it is the shift in your perception that tells you that even though you may still feel “ I can’t” does not restrict you from walking into the “ I can” program door! It is the power of repetition that wins the game now! The more times you walk through that door the stronger your energy will become. So let’s start at this beginning point… if you are struggling and you are tired of the negative cycle you have been in then here is your chance. When you wake up in the morning and you are getting ready no matter how you feel you choose to say “ I am walking through the I CAN door”. You may have to say this multiple times through out the day to ward off the negative brain training you have instilled. But, the power of repetition will break the cycle and when this happens you will immediately feel it and as your energy balances out with your vibration you will begin to experience things changing in your life. It will feel as though someone turned on a light inside your head. You will begin to attract opportunities and people to you that will help you on your path to achieve your goals and purpose. I am not saying this will be easy but, I will say this IT WILL WORK!
So let’s get spinning! Let’s become energetic powerhouses! You are a creationist participant in this moment and you have a Divine purpose to fulfill! No one said it would be easy but, no one can keep you from it except yourself!


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