We live in a time of mass confusion and division. There are so many different factions in our society that we have lost track. It appears that there has become some emergence of identity crisis on all levels, from gender to political status. Everywhere we turn there is hatred and violence just waiting to erupt. There is this unseen tension in the air that is causing the human race to be on guard. From climate disasters of every kind to senseless mass casualties. We are a race that has reached a critical state of questioning our identity awareness. Everywhere you turn there are individuals being drawn to agendas in order to find themselves or assert their ideas through revolution. Yes! We are in a time of spiritual revolution! Although, we hear it is about politics, democrat, republican, transgender, LGBT, racism on every level, social class war, terrorism of religion, and mental health deficiencies.
In reality, these are only the leaves on the vine of the true problem, which is we have not awakened to the truth. We are in a war of consciousness, a war of extreme perceptions and beliefs. This is a spiritual war of unprecedented friction between darkness and lght. With all the new technologies and the affects of these technologies on our body and minds we are accumulating energy that is changing our natural way of thinking. Our consciousness is being awakened and the world is teeter tottering not being grounded. Combine that with the fact that we as a human race we been have overstimulated with everything from drugs to technology. We have subjected ourselves to a toxic environment of massive amounts of energies that are reprogramming us into a zombie society that does not realize what is even happening to us. We are being hypnotized through the powers we cannot see. This war is invisible and only the results are outwardly visible. How did we get here? and where are we headed?
Well as the story goes about the toad in the boiling water, we got here very much the same way. We were quietly warmed up enjoying the water and without having time to react we have found ourselves in a boiling hot mess. We must ask ourselves as a human race many questions. Did we not consider the ramifications of technological advances, ecological engineering, slanted education lacking principals and values, creating new laws that create new boundaries, freedoms that lead to depravity on every level, morality based on prosperity, the ransacking, raping and destruction of our own planet? Is this what we can really call progress?
The war we face is not of anything you would read or hear in the news. Although, the news and the worlds agenda would like you to believe what it says do not be fooled my friend. The war we are facing us is a war of consciousness! The attacks we are enduring are aimed right at our conscious awareness and our awakened state to the fact that there is a shift taking place. Not just in our planet but, in the Universe as well. This shift of energy is causing the human race to become unhinged from their traditional moral values and let’s not even mention the word religion! Spirituality and science have joined at the crossroads and this has changed the whole picture, plan and rooted belief systems of the world. So in our confusion of reevaluating our human condition we have become out of control, unrealistic, in humane and arrogant in our ignorance. Like the king with no clothes running through the streets believing that everyone could not see he was naked because of his power and knowledge we skip along to whatever tune strikes our fancy.
The serious problem is the clock is ticking and we are in this process of conscious critical mass. We are are like the atoms before a nuclear bomb explodes, moving erratically before the silent paralysis that brings obliteration and altering our race forever. It is written that money is the root of all evil and this is true if one has too little or too much. It is the pursuit of money that will rob a person of their conscience if not balanced with love and awareness. We have entered into troubled waters in these times of darkness. There is a call to your soul, a gentle whisper within that urges you to look within and awake! The entering into this awakened consciousness and turning off the voices outside is imperative to your vision of truth. There are so many events taking place in this time that we are basing our beliefs on what we cannot see is truly happening unless we step back from the big picture. Standing too close one only sees color, shadow and lines. How obscure is our thinking? Wake up! The revolution is made it to your doorstep and is no longer in some distant land. Your invasion is not human this is an outward sign of a spiritual problem. All that you see, experience and perceive is an outward sign. Awaken….. sleeper! Your revolution is your evolution! There is no power greater than the force of nature. How can one look at the sky and see the storm clouds gathering and yet, not understand it is going to rain? It is time to step into Truth and Divine wisdom and if one must battle let them fight with an awakened vision and see through these illusive temporal walls. It is your revolution and it is your evolution. Awake!man in the night sky

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