I felt led to write this for those who are in need of healing today.  Those who have lost their idea, hoe and belief in Love.  May the words wash over you opening your soul up to receive a new moment of healing discovery.

How did we forget what love is? There was a time when we were unblemished by the tracks of our tears. Our eyes could see into the soul of Love with such passion that we didn’t even notice time passing by us, like a wind rushing between our lips. When did our eyes stop seeing all those beautiful colors that pierced through our hearts like the sun when it reflects through a thousand crystals? Why did we stop believing in Love? What happened to that totally surrendered heart we gave? Our trust in Love was deeper than the ocean and was as immovable as a mountain. When did Love and Trust slip away from each other without even saying “good-bye”?
Oh Love, you are like my child that I use to carry in my loving arms and then one day without any warning or announcement I put You down because you were too heavy. I watched You take your first steps, never realizing that every step would be a step further away until one day you walked out the door. If I had known Love that the moment when I would put You down would be the last time, I would have held you so close to my heart until the tears came and the pain would make me surrender under the weight of a deep unforgettable sorrow.
I can reminisce of the days we held hands running through meadows of flowers and the sun filled our hearts with song. The nights when we would hold each other all night and the tender touch we would share. Oh’ how I miss your sweet soft kisses Love and how You would hold me just right making me feel I was the only one in the world. Could we make time stand still one more time Love?
Everything we had felt new and everything we did was a beginning to experience together. We never looked behind us Love we were too enthralled in the moments we were creating. Now where are all the moments? Oh’ Love what happened to Us? Where can I go to find all the lost moments? Tell me and I will run swiftly through the fires that I see behind us to retrieve every one of them.
My mind was filled with thoughts of Love, even while I lay sleeping against your body Love you filled my dreams with laughter and hope. Thoughts of Love now come and go but, each time they come with words that I wish I could forget. Like a deaf Poet the words of Love are like a sad comedy whispering in my memory the refrains of yesterday and the promises of empty tomorrows. It is a mystery to me how Love changed Its mind so quickly thinking at one time We were perfect and now Love only sees the cracks, scars and bruises left behind.
Oh’ Love how I miss you! My mind is jaded, and I want to find you but, I don’t know if I could endure another act in this unfortunate deaf play. So, I go through each day looking for You but, Love I can only find you in my memory. Like a ghost You are there in my daydreams but, once awake I only hear the chains of the pain dragging in my heart and echoes of a voice that I use to know.
Love please come and carry me out of here and take me with You wherever you go. I am lost without You and all these years have caught up with me. Carry me back in to the sunlight where it is warm, and all is beautiful and true. I despise this dark room that I have now found myself in with Love sitting across from me staring in the distance so very far away. Maybe I can sing that song, you know the on that we called “ours” and you will dance with me again Love? Will you?
I reach for you in the night and You are not there any longer. I call your Name Love but, You don’t respond with words that would always make me smile. Now Your tone has changed, and the precious words have faded into cold indifference. Honestly Love are you happy? Tell me the truth Love can’t you see what has happened? They say Love is blind but, I never thought you were blind to me. Can you see me Love?
Where is the medicine? The antidote? The antivenom for this fatal bite before my heart turns into stone and I forget Love forever.IMG_0052 I have been sick for a very long time without any diagnosis, just pain and now I can see the wound. Heal me Love! Only You can heal the wound that Love has impaled into this heart of mine. Heal me Love! Without You everything fades to black and white my sight longs to see the beauty of colors once again. Heal me Love! Sing to me the song that only “we” know and let the words back into this blind starving soul.. Heal me Love! Without You life is lonely, and everything is grey without any distinction of true value. Heal me Love!
Heal me Love!
Heal me Love!

written by Sonya Kay Spellerberg

@skswisdomology 2019

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