There is no darkness that does not give way to light

No pain that does not open our heart

No betrayal that does not teach us who we are

No act of kindness that does not set us free

We may cry and stay awake all night

We may scream and shake our fists

But, we must all get up and step into the next moment

It isn’t about having all the answers but, to keep moving forward

It is in our strength to move forward against all odds and even our own weakness that we transform into our greatest potential

What you are seeking is not easy and it is the journey that will equip you and prepare you for what is coming

You are becoming, you are always in a process and it is when step out of the natural impossibilities we connect to the supernatural power of God and the power of the Universe

So wherever you are in your process, your journey remember you are not your problem as long as you keep moving forward.

God does not change, the Universe cannot stop it’s rhythm

You are not alone and you cannot give up

You can only stop believing in yourself

The alternatives will only keep you paralyzed

You may have to crawl but, every move you make empowers you to a greater move

This is your purpose to keep moving

It is in the energy of your movement that momentum will come and what you could not see will become clear

What you could not believe will be possible

Trust yourself! You are your best choice!


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