OM Alignment

THE POWER OF OM ALIGNMENT – Spiritual Evolution!

The Universe responds to faith, kindness, gratitude and love. These are the vibrational energy magnetic pathways that raise our bodies vibration. But, it is when we forgive others, show undo mercy, exhibit relentless grace and show nonbias generosity than we become extraordinary powerful forces in our world. When you do all these powerful actions whether they be unwarranted or expected IT is THEN you that you become THE MAGNET or a creating conductor of Light. It is this alignment that causes your energy and your vibration to create the sacred unheard sounds of creation.

I call this the ” OM” alignment and the sound generated from this Divine connection is what that attracts the SUPERnatural to you and works through you. You can perceive to have energy, or perceive to create energy but, it is when you awaken at that OMoment that you will see you ARE expansive energy and you ARE intricately connected to all living and even inanimate creations . Releasing yourself from the ordinary existence of life in order that your mind can grasp the QuantOM power of the OMoment the ordinary becomes extraordinary. You are not just connected to all things but, we exist in everything and everything exists in us. We are not only reflections of this Infinite Flame in a finite body but, we are extensions and elaborate conduits of energy that are extend out like roots from a tree. Even in religion there is this understanding of oneness such as ” You exist in Christ and Christ exists in you”. Religion creates a separation from Source and relationship creates at-one-ment or should I say At-OM-ment with Source. We have the ability to generate the manifesting Creator power that can manifest the unseen just as seen in religious stories such as, when Christ manifested the fish and loaves of bread to feed all the people on the Sermon of the Mount. Why is it so hard for the religious mind to see that this Energy that substantiated scientifically and spiritually is the empowerment of faith? Is it unorthodox to accept the unpredictability that “God” is not possible to comprehend or apprehend no matter how hard we try? All that you know about God, this vast Power, unlimited Energy and source of all Vibrations is beyond the understanding of wisest of sages and the elite genius’ of science throughout history.

If you are capable of releasing yourself from the fear of what men taught you about Gods judgment and preconceived beliefs then it is possible to allow this engaging Force of Love to apprehend you and reveal Itself to you personally then this will dramatically change your perceptions causing a psychic change of perception that will change you forever. This change is what I call ” The SOUL’S Awakening”, we may make statements of faith and perform religious rites to show our piety but, it is when we connect to all of Creation that are eyes are opened and our ears can hear what Spirit is revealing to us through the wind, the sunset, the chirping bird and even show It’s power in the determination of the tiny ant. There are so many knowledgeable blind religious people who wander about and judge others according to their interpretations of theology. But, when you lose your ” religion” you will lose your theological judgments and gain your freedom to be born again. Do you want to be saved? You should ask yourself, ” What am I being saved from?”Hell? Sickness? Death? Sadness? Are you born again? If so, how do you know? Because someone taught you, told you that you were or you just believe it? Is it obtained instantaneously as a gift or is being born again a journey? Can you prove you are saved? Can you prove you are born again? These are all just questions and yet, the answers are either biblically mandated, theologically instituted or maintained by your personal faith.

We are entering into a time where what we use to believe will be challenged and become a a dull blade on the sickle of spirituality. Spirituality has endured revolutions and is always evolving. The time to evolve spiritually in order to move forward has arrived on this journey. It is time for us to recognize that what worked before most likely may not work now. To find your connection and follow the Shekinah cloud of glory in this terrain of life we must shift gears. Abraham had to learn personally who this VOICE was and we too must learn who the VOICE is that speaks to us from within and without. There are no books or teachers that can grant you a formal introduction. In the beginning there was the VOICE and the VOICE was GOD, the Voice is not a sacred book or instructional words written on paper. This VOICE is the POWER and the Energy that is the Creator of all things!

The I AM is calling for you to let go of all you have known and step into another dimension. When we were children we thought as children but, now we have grown up and must put away the childish things we once knew. Many are called but, few are chosen and these are the ones who have fearless faith and the boldness to step into the unknown. They are highly sensitive and have always felt the magnetic pull to be drawn to something greater.

It is time to connect the dots of science and spirituality and step into the Om-moment rising up and becoming one with all. Creation connecting to the creatures above, on and below the Earth. To extend ourselves out beyond the endless parameters of a boundless Universe and feel the Power of the Universe inside ourselves. What is the name of such a religion? There is no name because names create boundaries keeping us from our Infinite birthright as Divine beings. The very name of God has created boundaries within our minds. But, we are so much more than our minds we are Infinite energy always changing and always moving. Today is the day to find you energy connection, your sacred place and Source of beingness. We were called to be gods, we are each a reflection of Light and connected to of the Creator. Let’s break free from our spiritual inadequacies and step out from the corners and darkness allowing the Light of Source shine through the Om alignment which is our Infinite birthright. It is here at the beginning of this new spiritual evolution and experiencing the transformational power of being born again and again that we will recognize and fulfill our Divine destiny that we accepted before our first breath ever. skswisdomology2018

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