A heart performs many functions in the body and is the center of our force of life. We experience this constantly on a physical level every second but; it’s power goes far beyond the physical. Our hearts have actually been determined to have a mind. Now doesn’t this make sense? Over centuries and decades all the way from the famous Romeo and Juliet saga we have understood the power of the heart. Love is an idea in the mind but, in the heart it is a strong powerful magnetic field. It has its own vibration and energetic language which makes it a great mystery. Yet, our hearts get broken so many times through out our lives. Our minds experience this break of emotion attempting to filter the feelings and put pieces back together so we can survive. I guess it’s a good thing to keep your mind and heart on the same page! It is obvious when you meet someone who doesn’t. Our hearts can BIG, deep, strong and intense as well as, shriveled, shallow, weak, and oblivious to truth. A deep heart is probably the most painful heart because it experiences everything deeply and completely. This means this is the heart that experiences and is very accustomed to the feeling of a broken heart. Yet, these hearts out from within a river of gold full of wisdom and beauty. There are some and even at times those whose hearts are tender that have stone icy hearts due to either genetic upbringing or the fact they are protecting themselves because underneath the stone and ice is a bleeding heart. The heart is a great mystery they say we use only 10% of our minds. I wonder how much of heart we really use obviously they haven’t been able to measure the magnetic and electrical power of a heart. We are still just observers of the heart. I have come to realize that having a deep heart can be excruciatingly painful and it carries within it memories that are etched on its walls. But a deep heart is a pier heart that may not be perfect but it does try to be true to itself. A big heart is generous but, it can be ego driven where as the deep heart has no ego. It is a difficult thing to understand the power of the heart. It is a science unto itself and yet, how powerful is the heart. True intention does not come from the mind, it comes from the heart. All the education in the world cannot take the place of the heart. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a university to learn the aspects of the heart and use it for the purpose of the world? Today listen to your heart it is your best friend. The mind is an associate that is constantly changing sides but; the heart remains true. True to what? To who you are! In the end it is the heart that will be with us holding our deepest emotions. The mind is full of pictures but; the heart is full of wealth and a river that is alive giving our bodies true animation of our soul. If you need answers listen to your heart!

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