The strange thing about metamorphosis is that it is not a change of growth – it is a complete change of being.

The caterpillar actually digests itself. Can you imagine ? It eats itself until it digests itself into liquid.

So when it is reborn … It is reborn a completely new creature!

This so completely speaks about our painful hidden experience of being gradually consumed by events that shatter us, press us down and break us apart. We must agree with the process of the pain. Acceptance is the power of this process.

Born again! Wow! A new creature – completely changed!

Once you slithered among the twigs and leaves and then you become this amazing beautiful winged creature that flutters among the flowers with a totally different perspective.

Yes! You land on those leaves and branches you use to slither along. But, they no longer have any power over you in your ability.

So if you are in pain and you are going through a big change … you feel alone and your pain seems to be hidden deep inside don’t discredit what is taking place as positive. All things must change and everything is constantly moving. This is unavoidable!

It is the choice to accept your pain and understand the depths of what you are becoming. I don’t say this lightheartedly! The pain of being destroyed us not pleasant. But… If we will allow the process and accept our pain we can trust our outcome will be astounding! We many times pray for change, we long for greatness and desire the impossible. These answers don’t come easily it requires our total dedication to this process of becoming. So wherever your at in this beautiful process remind yourself that once you are reborn you can let go of what held you down by just the flutter of your wings. Trust the process! Faith cannot see everything but, it has the ability to believe anything is possible.

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