Memories …..

God I think my tears are screaming

Trying to drown my words is almost impossible

I hold them in, I hold them down , I hold them under

The pain I feel is an ice cold steel blade that slides in and out of my brain

Screaming tears that have no words

Screaming tears that can’t be heard

All these messages in my head

I try to smother them in my bed

Questions with answers that make no sense

Why these screaming tears?

Give me words or give me strength

Give me something to stop this pain

What the hell have you done?

Fringes on a jacket? Back to the sun?

God is my trickster what have I done!

Screaming tears, words without noise

How can you be so indifferent, so cruel

and still sit on your throne

A bleeding heart is all I have known

Promises are the nails that pierce it through

Words without noise

Screaming tears

God is a trickster

Yet, I am the jester of court

Who is laughing? Who even cares?

You just sit with your ambivalent stare!

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