You say Tomato and I say Tomato?

God is Life! How can one say God is male or female just because God created us to be one or the other. God is Creation! Why are so many fearful that if they don’t believe in God in a specific way that they are damned, cursed or lost? God is not fear! God is Love! One man paints God as a man and that’s his perspective of God. Another paints God as nature and that is his perspective of God. If I meet you and your dressed in a police officers uniform I would think you are a police officer and if I met you as a nurse I would think you were nurse. Let’s say they both have the same name except one is a man and one is a woman. Don’t both of these occupations save lives? One may say that Jesus is the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life and yet, isn’t Jesus -God incarnate as a man? Where was Jesus before he came to Earth as human? They say Jesus was in heaven with his Father. May I ask a question? Who is Jesus’s Mother? You might say Mary, of course. If creation is dependent to recreate is there not a male and a female necessary?

For so many years throughout history since before Jesus society has done its very best to put women in a lesser state of authority. To keep them in their proper places men have incited rules, codes, laws and so much more just to keep women from being. That’s right did I say Being?

The Ancient Native Americans understood the power of a woman and held her authority in it’s utmost respect. Although, it takes two to create a human being a woman is the sustainer of life. She is the one who carries that life and must bring it into the world to give it it’s own breath. Until that moment she is it’s life and their life is one.

What if God were a woman? What would that do to your perspective? Does God have to follow anyone’s rules? God honors your faith and actions but are not Gods plans higher than ours. If they cannot figure out how the pyramids were built then you can be assured no one could ever understand God’s plans even if it they were written down or spoken. The Bible which is considered God’s written Word still has many interpretations and unanswered mysteries. What we think we know, the less we should realize we know. So you may ask me does what your implying rule out the birth,death and resurrection of Christ? Does this mean I do not believe that this particular person came to Earth to die for or sins? I have not said any such thing.

I have read the Bible and I know the story very well. But, can I honestly say I understand why all this has happened? I mean if God knows everything God must of known what Adam ad Eve we’re going to do before they did it…. or maybe that was a part of the plan? You see that this idea of God is way over our heads. To have a relationship with God means that God must have a relationship with you. How do you prove this? It is only by your own personal belief and experience that you can know this and it cannot be transferred except by words to another person. This is your story!

Now there are religions in the world that actually believe in murdering others is an act of God. Is this God? They believe it is God. Now obviously, this is when we must look at this religious action and make a personal conscientious choice.

In the Old Testament which is written about the same God of the New Testament God had many killed and slaughtered. So lets think about this reasonably. What is your answer for this action that occurred?

Doesn’t that sound like the religions in the world that believe in killing others for their religious beliefs and their God?

I am not sure I have really met anyone willing to have this conversation. it is taboo to question such things as though, one who stands up in the boat and dare to cause it to rock.

What if you could let go of what you were taught and like Abraham in the Bible who was the first person after Adam and Eve to hear from God and have a relationship with this unknown voice. He did not know the rules or the story behind this voice. Abraham just did what he was told which in itself is quite amazing. Could you do that? They had at the time religious ways and acts to follow. Abraham did not have a book, a teacher or some magical wand he just listened.

When I stop to think of this enormous subject it makes me ponder and then I come to conclusion that who really knows God? We may know tiny pieces of what we think God is but, the fact that we could know God as God is, whatever God is would be absurd. I believe the smaller we become in this way and in our understanding the greater God ( Whatever God is) can reveal to us who or what God is. I have found that God is connected to everything and although, I don’t understand the darkness in the world I know there is no darkness in God. Everything exists within God. In fact, the more I write or talk about God the more confused and minuscule I become. Isn’t this true? What school could teach who God is? What book? I mean honestly, are we talking about the Creator of heaven and Earth? In six days? I am not attempting to create doubt in your beliefs but, I hope that I uproot your preconceived and even misconceived ideas. Hopefully enough to cause you to think outside your box because God created your box and God is the box, God is in you and your in the box and God is everything outside the box. Well I think that pretty much covers that! You really only think you have a “ box” because you see it, but you don’t. The box you have isn’t even really a box. Are you confused yet? Then you are at the beginning of true wisdom and going deeper.

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