You know what you have been through- only you!

Don’t let anyone dismiss, downplay or distort the difficulty of the things you have had to overcome


Don’t allow anyone to take away from you what you have given to life… yours and others.

We each have our own purpose and if you look around, the facts of your life whether good or bad are there.

Who can take that from you – NO ONE!

You have had to pay for your bad decisions, choices and actions – no one else – so how can anyone think they have the power over you to even suggest that you should pay again by throwing your past in your face.

In the same breath,considering all that you have had to overcome against all odds and still find yourself standing – no one can take credit for that either! Those are your successes no matter how small they may appear or how they may look to others.

If those people in your life can’t respect these facts then they are not on your level of consciousness …. Because you can only truly surround yourself with others who feel the same unconditionally.

So hold your head up, keep smiling because you are a strong, beautiful person!

Sending love @ SKS

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