Just look at yourself! Who do you think you are anyway? Don’t you realize that everyone has their place? If you would just do what your told these things wouldn’t happen? How many times do I have to tell you? If you don’t change your ways your not going to go anywhere! Why can’t you just follow the rules? Do you think the whole world cares what you think? Just stop trying to be different and act normal! What makes you think your so special?

It is the words of those who we listened to in our pasts that haunt our minds and keep us in chains. You must rid yourself of these voices in your mind to achieve your dreams. These horrendous demons that steal your vision and dreams!!!! They are not YOU! Never let anyone define YOU except yourself! Never allow someone else’s prison become yours, as well. Misery loves company and it’s time to go! You hold the keys to your future and to your NOW! Tell those voices that hold you back to STFU!!!!! Kick them out!!!! No more liars in your head! Now go do what you were born to do!!!!! Snuff said!


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