How do you measure life? How can a breath truly be weighed? Is the life that exists in something as small as ladybug just as much life that exists in you? Is not the struggle of a tiny baby bird to survive just as much of your struggle to survive? Is your instincts any greater than those of the lion? Life cannot be given only created and it cannot be stolen when no ones looking. Life is in everything around you and connects to the Source which is the Mystery we call God. Only this great Energy can create life…. and when it is time this Source will take back what it has given. We will return back to where we came from… the body will take back our bodies and Spirit will take back our souls. There are two mysteries beyond the Universe and that is God and the soul. Yet… as real as the Universe is even if you cannot see it … so is God, Source, this great Energy and Spirit. I am filled with Life, I am Life….and I connect Life to all things. To see without boundaries and restrictions …. to know that we are everywhere we want to go. How powerful we are and yet, so many choose to live in this cardboard box they call their body. Are they not the spiritual homeless ones? Open your eyes and see, open your heart and you will receive. Climb out of your boxes! What tiny prison cells we “ live” in! Free yourself!


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