I may have jagged edges, leathered scars, bruises, tattered dirty clothes and holes in my shoes for I have chosen the long difficult path. I did not take the easy way. I am not the person I use to be. What I appear to be on the outside is nothing compared to who I am inside. I have battled my fears and have overcome! What I am is what people look at and fear, they even despise me or look away. Who told you Courage was clean, proper, pretty or well dressed? You don’t recognize me I use to know you. I use to sit next to you. Beauty is not what you think it means. Beautiful will touch your heart and make you cry no matter what it looks like. Courage doesn’t have to wear medals for someone to see it. Yes it has been a long journey and I now see those who I use to disregard. I am beautiful, I am courageous and I am you. Stop trying to hide me, cover me up…. I’m not a secret! It’s not weakness to show the tear tracks on your cheeks. This is the beauty that makes angels behold and devils tremble. This is courage that slays giants and battles lions. Don’t be fooled by what you think you see! What is my name?

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