We all experience loss in our lives and as we get older it becomes more difficult to move on after loss. I have felt this for sometime and I have finally come to the place in my life where I can either live from the energy and power of loss or expectation of gain. I think when it comes to losing loved ones it’s difficult emotionally to climb out of because we associate our loss with the only connection we have left with them. But, today I have learned that this is not true we must learn to let go of loss, let go of our loved ones, and learn to live in the power of the future and gain. To be able to carry them with us and know that they are there but, we no longer have to “ feel” our pain of loss to keep our connection to them. Just because all we have is the past with our loved ones or our lives does not mean if we release ourselves from the power, pain and memory of our loss we will forget or lose something. It is most valuable and honorable to those who have gone before us and our pasts to let them go and move forward into the power of our future. Loss is not what our loved ones want us to feel. They want us to feel love and know that that love has enriched our lives to enjoy our life completely. Let go of your loss, your pain, your sorrow, and your past …. it cannot serve you and it is not what keeps your loved ones “ alive” in your life. It is time to step forward into the future and understand that those who you have lost and the past are not there to bring you the energy of loss but, to connect with these things that benefit you from the attitude and energy of their contribution and guidance to your life. They may be gone physically but, they are with you and want the best for you. Free yourself from this illusion! It’s time to move forward and take those beautiful souls with you. You do not need to remain stuck in this place if loss any longer


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